The objectives have evolved. For everyone. Casemiro, Real Madrid midfielder is the best example. In a video for “save the children”, the Real Madrid midfielder admitted that his main goal was not La Liga but the fight against the coronavirus.

Eye-catching midfielder, Casemiro has not let anything off the pitch either in recent weeks. The Brazilian international participated in a live video for “save the children” in which he was able to highlight his real priorities. Obviously, as a Real Madrid player, he wants to win everything. But right now, it’s not his priority.

“Without a doubt, we want to win La Liga where the Champions League. But I don’t think about that, I only think of winning the fight against the coronavirus. I think that if everyone does their part, it will be the most important, “he explained before recalling the importance of staying at home during this period of confinement. A strong desire to encourage children to respect the rules in place.

The Real Madrid player has not escaped questions about his childhood or his news in the merengue club. But it was when Zidane was mentioned that he was the most verbose. “If I hadn’t been a footballer, I would have worked in the sports world. I love playing sports. I’ve always had an idol: Zidane. And this is my trainer. I always loved him as a player, it was a pleasure to see him play. My big inspiration is him, “he said.

Always very complimentary about the work of Casemiro, Zizou will particularly appreciate the compliment.

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