In February 2018, Gerald Watelet becomes an occasional buyer of the program Affaire concluded on France 2. If French viewers did not yet know him, he was nevertheless already a star in Belgium, where he is from. Indeed, at 56 years old, Gérald has a long career to his credit. Unlike his colleagues in the flea market program, he is not an art dealer, but never mind, he is just as savvy on the subject. After having cut his teeth in the hotel industry, even becoming the youngest butler in Belgium working at the Carlton, he will move towards haute couture. In 1989, he presented his first collection and in a few years would make a name for himself with very select clients such as the Belgian royal family.

It is a little over ten years ago that he made a new 180 ° turn by rediscovering his first passion, the kitchen. A new job that allows him to take his first steps on television in Belgian programs. At the same time, Gérald Watelet is building himself as as an interior designer. And whatever he undertakes, the rising figure of the flea market in France can count on the support of his companion, Miguel, with whom he spins the perfect love for twenty years. During an interview for Télé Star, he agreed to talk about their relationship, strained during confinement. The lovers have been apart for a long time. “He’s Portuguese and works in New York. He’s as brown as I’m red-haired and grizzled. Him and me, it’s day and night. We haven’t seen each other since February. We have total mutual trust. “

But the lack is soon coming to an end since Gerald will soon be able to join his dear and tender for a well-deserved vacation. “We will meet in Portugal on our favorite beach. We are therefore going to take advantage of it and spend our time shopping, having a drink, sleeping … without any worldly obligation! “, he rejoiced.

An interview to be found in full in the new issue of Télé Star, published on Monday, July 27, 2020.