Cascarino turns on OM and L1

Former OM scorer over a delicate period, between 1994 and 1997, Tony Cascarino still closely follows the performance of the Marseille club. A club he no longer recognizes.

Irishman Tony Cascarino has never had his tongue in his pocket. Also when La Provence asks him to ask his opinion on the current OM, the former Marseille striker does not go by four ways. “I saw the best moments of OM-Manchester City (0-3, last October 27 in C1, editor’s note). We know that City are playing at a totally different level from OM, but I find it hard to see the Marseille team play, because I only identify them with a certain style of play: courageous. “

The interested party explains: “I hate the fact that too many coaches play tactical football, learned in the manuals. For me, OM is summed up in its motto – “Straight to the point” – and should always comply with it. OM have lacked this state of mind for two decades. “With the exception of the Bielsa parenthesis, according to the former international scorer:” I prefer to enjoy only five months rather than nothing at all. “

A “boring and too tactical” L1

Nostalgic, Tony Cascarino adds: “When OM were competitive in Europe, everyone feared this dangerous, unpredictable team capable of beating Milan, I miss it. “And to castigate a Ligue 1 not spontaneous enough and playful for his taste:” It’s a boring league because too tactical. I saw Nice the other night and wondered if anyone was looking to do anything but possession and counterattack. Me, I always hope to see a different style like in Germany. “

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