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Updated on Saturday, 10 July 2021 – 14:41

The BOE has published the rule that states that, until December 31, the Registration Tax remains as in 2020. In an average model, the savings will be between 800 and 1,200 euros

Market Car sales close June with 96,785 cars, 25% less than in 2019

Almost two weeks after it was definitively approved by Congress, the Registration Tax freeze will be effective from tomorrow, Sunday, so that on Monday a good part of the cars sold in Spain will be cheaper. For example, if we take the basic version of the most sold car so far in 2020, a Seat Arona, the discount will be 800 euros.

The measure, as was already known and collected in the BOE this Saturday, will only be effective until December 31. Curiosities of the political strategies, it was included within the Law to Fight Tax Fraud and the complexity of issues and departments that covered the latter is what has caused its publication to be delayed in 10 days.

New sections: exempt up to 144 grams

Specifically, and as announced by France or Portugal last year, the tax brackets are modified to neutralize the rise that occurred in January with the entry into force of the WLTP emissions protocol, which is more realistic when it comes to measuring CO2 than they eject the vehicles. This element is that he determines if you have to pay tax and by what amount and, on average, the values ​​had risen by 20%. In this way, a car that in 2020 had a value of 120 grams and was exempt, since January went to about 144 grams to pay 4.75%. Similarly, many vehicles jumped onto more burdensome stretches.

The fifth additional fixed provision of the law establishes that cars that emit up to 144 grams of CO2 per kilometer will not pay. Meanwhile, they will do so at 4.75% if the figure is above that and up to 191 grams.Between 192 and 239 grams, 9.75% will be paid and with 240 or more, touch pay at the maximum rate 14.75%. Quads and nautical motorcycles are exempt from the new scheme. Conventional motorcycles are also unaffected, as they are not governed by the WLTP protocol.

Although it only lasts until the end of the year, the rectification that the Government has accepted because it was going to lose the votes in the Senate and Congress, has been demanded by the sector for months. Jos Miguel Aparicio, director of Audi in Spain, assured this week that it would be a catalyst for the market. In the same way that it has been one of the brakes on new car sales in 2021. In the first semester, 456,833 units were registered, 34% less than in the same period of 2019, the only one that allows a valid reference.

Almost 70% of the cars benefited

The reason is obvious: only the alternative technology vehicles (and not all) had escaped the price hike, That s has affected the vast majority of gasoline and diesel, which account for 70% of sales. In addition, the approved measure will not have retroactive effect and will only apply to orders or formalized sales. starting this Monday. And as long as the car is registered before December 31st.

That will assume that, for example, the most affordable Peugeot 2008 is now 851 euros cheaper; a VW Golf, a compact type model, drop in price by almost 1,000 euros; and a Hyundai Tucson, the best-selling mid-size SUV, will cost 1,200 euros less, This figure amounts to 1,600 euros in the case of a gasoline Audi A4.

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