Cars and yachts: a relationship with past and future

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

The automotive sector is immersed in one of its most convulsive times. Electrification presents a complicated challenge for companies, which have invested millions in developing more efficient engines. Blocks that, for now, will not be enough to exceed the expectations of some governments that have put the sixth towards emission neutrality. Even in this situation, there are pitches that recall the emotional aspect of driving, whether on the tarmac or on the water. Because car manufacturers don’t just produce passenger cars. As incredible as it may seem, the associations between four-wheel and nautical firms is common, as Cupra has reminded us with the launch of the De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor. But it is not the only yacht with the essence of a car, in this gallery we review the most surprising ones.

The By Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor It will be available in a few months and in this article we will tell you all about its benefits, design and main characteristics. These types of collaborations are not so strange, deep down the heart of these vehicles has many things in common. The sensations they bring too. Depending on your expectations, you can find models that prioritize comfort and habitability or quite the opposite, sportiness and speed with very aerodynamic and aggressive shapes.

Buying a car is a decision that involves many factors, from the economic to the emotional. Firms know that the latter is capable of overcoming any rational barrier, so they work deeply on their image and the public’s conception of them. Even generalist firms, such as Citroën, try to give their models a spirit, be it youth, daring and modularity. The most premium brands can bet on relevant campaigns with other sectors such as fashion, video games, toys or the nautical world. Call me crazy but I just imagined myself at the controls of a Lamborghini Tecnomar 63 dressed in the Ferrari suit by Georgio Armani and the Puma sneakers by Mercedes-Benz. What’s more, to be responsible with the environment, I would take the electric bicycle by Bugatti inspired by the Chiron and that only costs 65,000 euros. Man lives on dreams.

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