Carrión approached Cazzu without hesitation

The Puerto Rican spoke with . about his praised album, its current events and his visits to Argentina, where he shared time with artists such as Cazzu, Duki, Khea, Ecko and Omar Varela.

The Puerto Rican Eladio Carrion, one of the Latin trap figures, who recently released his praised album « Monarca », in which special guests such as J Balvin and Argentina Cazzu, considered that in the Argentine urban music scene « there is a lot of talent and a very good vibe. »

The American-raised Puerto Rican continues to give Latin hip hop an American and futuristic twist with his talented rap fluency. In terms of collaborations, they include the Colombian icon J Balvin in «Tata» and the Argentine star of the Latin trap Cazzu and the pioneer of reggaetón Yandel in «Discoteca».

About the album, his moment and his visits to Argentina, when he shared time with artists of the stature of Cazzu, Duki, Khea, Ecko and Omar Varela, Carrión chatted with this agency:

.: How was your experience with the environment in Argentina?
Eladio Carrión: I went to make the video for «Mi Cubana» (2018) with Cazzu, Khea, Ecko and Omar Varela. That week I was there I loved it so much that I had to go back and stay a little longer. I loved the scene at the time, the atmosphere, I loved the Argentine vibe. I spent about three months working, I made a lot of music, I collaborated a lot and made a lot of videos, they were the most productive months of my career, I think. If it weren’t because it is so far from home, I would stay to live.

T: What did you like about the Argentine scene?
EC: The trap movement was the one I most identified with. I like how they got along and what they liked. Its new things, it sounds nice. I liked that a lot because I work well in depth, I work at any rhythm with any producer if it sounds nice and it runs me. That is why I really liked doing shows in Argentina, the people who support and in the way they support, the food is delicious, in any corner you eat delicious. There was a pizzeria that I loved, Güerrín. I used to go to that pizzeria a lot and I ate the chicken pizza they have there a lot. Rice pudding too.

T: In both rap, hip hop and trap, who influenced you? Where you grew up?
EC: I moved a lot, my father was in the military. I lived in Alaska, in New York, in Boston, Washington DC, and Hawaii, everywhere. I was born in 94, but my two sisters are older than me by 10 and 9 years. What I listened to when I was little were the songs they listened to in the car, so I listened to a lot of Eminem, a lot of 50 Cent, a lot of Wu-Tang Clan, Jay Z, Kanye … They listened to a lot of rap, so I did too. My base is very American when it comes to music. After I listened to him alone, I really liked Eminem and in the 2000s I really liked Kanye as a producer and artist. I think he is the person I most admire; It has its little things but no one can judge a person’s mental health, but it will always be one of my biggest influences.

T: How was the work in the case of «Monarca»? How did each song take you to Cazzu, Lunay or Balvin?
EC: Each production has its magic, it has its history and its sessions that I will not forget. I think that for this album I got carried away a lot by my feelings, my emotions. In the productions I was trying to find something different, not to do the trap that people tend to do but to do something very nice, that when you listen to it from beginning to end it is an experience. We always think about collaborations later; I wasn’t going to do that many at the beginning but I was in Miami at the time and there were a lot of people. One day I saw Corina and the song « Todo o Nada » was ‘ready’ but something was missing, and she got on and broke it. The same happened in « Discoteca », one day I called Cazzu and told her that she could not be absent from my records. This is how Balvin appeared too.

T: One very nice thing on the album is « Tata ». It’s almost an improvisational match, not a fight but the two of us composing and throwing things.
EC: Yes, it’s harmony, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. Since we started it, that song was a trap and I told the producer to change the drums, that he asked for a drill because he had never released anything and it was perfect. José (for Balvin) was in Los Angeles and G.O recorded it, which he also produced on the intro theme, on « Progreso » and on « Toretto. » When he sent it to me, I heard José’s chanteo and I was jumping with happiness. It was one of the coolest drills to come out these days and people have really appreciated it.

T: You were telling about your down payment, about your love for Argentina, but Cazzu has fallen in love with Puerto Rico. How is that round trip?
EC: Since I met her we have always connected, she is my little sister and she knows it, for anything inside and outside of music. He is a tremendous person, he is super easy to love, super real. It is something beyond music. I love his music too, I am a super fan of what he does forever. He dares to do many things that many do not, so as not to go out of business and lose. She doesn’t care, she does and people love it. Even when I see things about her, I think that I have to give my project more love, sit down with my notebook, because one is involved in all projects and she does it perfect and it shows a lot. The genre needs more people who care for art like her.

Cazzu, the Argentine rag doll who conquered everyone

T: Do you see her on a Karol G or Natti Natasha level?
EC: Sure, 100%. She has her corner, the ones you mentioned don’t but she has her corner. It must be respected 100%. Right now Latin music is in a super good moment, the eyes are on the greats of our scene and people like that Caribbean touch, that Latin touch, that Spanish touch. The people of London and the United States are looking here, it is the moment that more collaborations between Latinos and North Americans have been in a long time.

Source: TÉLAM
Interview: Adrián Mouján