Williams driver has won both races of the event

Albert Fàbrega has ‘dared’ as a commentator

Álvaro Carretón has performed spectacularly in a virtual event organized by TheSevi87 that was full of Spanish talent. The Sevillian has achieved a double victory after making two beautiful comebacks at Silverstone and Interlagos.

Among the participants were virtual pilots of the likes of Carretón – Williams Esports’ official pilot -, Álvaro Aznar or Bernardo Pérez, among others. At the buses, along with the ‘regulars’ of the Simracing Sergio Valverde and Mario Arroyo, was Albert Fàbrega.

In the first race, Álvaro Carretón has pulled gallons to take an impressive victory. From the twelfth position to the first with a different strategy from that of most of the grid – first medium tires and then soft tires.

Behind, the S2V riders –Xocolate and Álvaro Aznar– have remained at the gates of the podium, but have finally been able to contain a ‘Nardy’ Pérez who had to settle for sixth place.

Further back, the well-known ‘youtuber’ Heikki360ES has come to lead the race with a very different strategy from the rest, although in the final laps it has fallen to thirteenth position. It was not the right strategy, to be sure.

For the second race there would be an inverted grill, but little has mattered to Álvaro Carretón. The Andalusian has started the comeback from the start and at the end of the first turn he was already twelfth.

From there, Carretón has followed in the footsteps of Pérez and Aznar to reach the top positions. At the end of the race, these three drivers gave us a beautiful battle for victory that finally ended up at the hands of Carretón, with Pérez second and Aznar third. All three separated by a sigh.

As a curiosity, on the last lap of the second race, the Haas – piloted by iFons and Víctor Abad – delighted us with an excellent maneuver that ended with an accident between them.

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