Once again, Caroline Receveur puts everyone in agreement. The it girl with an inimitable style has just unveiled her brand new color!

Show me your hair color, and I’ll tell you who you are! Caroline Receveur then comes from unveil its new cut. And the success is quite satisfactory… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Caroline Receveur changes her look! A new look, for a new life? In any case, we can say that it changes, after all!

Finally, the pretty blonde does not deny her roots, well not in the figurative sense in any case. What is certain is that this new hair color brings a touch of freshness!

It must be said that the pretty blonde has a style that everyone likes. And this small change of hair is not to displease its subscribers.

His fans from the first hour have it known with hair blond, almost peroxides. Today, Caroline Receveur wears more natural shades, in short.

Eh yes, our Hollywood Girl has come a long way since his first stint in Secret Story. It was therefore quite natural that she opted for a tie and dye.

Caroline Receveur: she reveals her caramel-colored hair in Instagram story

A color that will delight Caroline Receveur, always more beautiful! Since arriving in Dubai, we can say that her life, Hugo and Marlon has changed somewhat.

To enjoy his new life, she has so decided to fall for a new color. At least at the root, with a caramel tint.

Her hair was then cut square, coming down to the level of her shoulders. On her photo, Caroline Receveur wears a pretty face, with a very light make-up, highlighting her beautiful blue eyes.

The patron saint of Osée Beauté has so made a faultless with this brand new fit. To be honest, in the editorial, we love this new hair change. And you ?

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