Curious situation that is being experienced in the Rafa Nadal Academy, whose role as a benchmark as a tennis center worldwide makes it face this confinement by the coronavirus in a very particular way and with a great female tennis star in its facilities, such as Caroline Garcia. History brings them to you. The French woman was on a training stay in Manacor when the world pandemic got out of control. Caroline had a ticket to travel to California that she canceled as soon as she learned of the suspension and was preparing to go to Florida a few dates later, but the travel restrictions were evident.

At that time, the French woman was aware of the difficult situation you would have to return to your country and tried to go to Alicante, where he has a family home. However, as reported in the newspaper L´Equipe, when he was going to the airport he came across the news of the restrictions on flights from the Balearic Islands. He decided to return to a Rafa Nadal Academy where he is receiving exceptional treatment. And it is that the installation of the Spanish player has closed, stopping any physical activity in its facilities, but by hosting numerous students and players throughout the year, it maintains minimum services in terms of cleaning, cooking and staff that ensures the correct care for those who remain there.

The address of the Rafa Nadal Academy He offered an apartment reserved for French coaches, where he is staying with his father and coach, as well as the rest of his team members. “The situation is much calmer in a small city like this, there are fewer cases and we are doing well. We try to prepare maintenance sessions at the physical level inside the apartment, giving a little imagination to work. Now the main thing is health and we are aware of not leaving home, “reveals a Caroline Garcia that tells how time kills. “We try to do different things than usual, like cooking, spending time with the family, reflecting … I’m also really enjoying doing puzzles. In this situation, you have to be optimistic,” says the French tennis player, who has found an unforgettable refuge in Manacor.