Carolina Sandoval wears a gold dress and wears the famous Christian Dior “Book Tote” bag

Carolina sandoval She is a woman who loves the world of fashion and beauty. Through Instagram, she exposes her tastes and also how she in her own way has been venturing into products such as her wigs and girdles. However, beyond her endeavors, there is the woman who loves branded bags, jewelry and fashionism. But this is also a mother who today faces the growth of her daughter Bárbara Camila, who at 18 is about to enter university.

Therefore, wearing a long golden dress with nude platforms and the famous Christian Dior’s “Book Tote” shared the following words with his followers:

“My mother has always told me that when someone takes their feet off the ground, they have already lost, they lost everything and more because all sacrifice loses value and you know what, I have taken care of that all my life, that I never forget the floors that I had to clean when I got to Miami. The flowers that I had to distribute and even the humiliations that all immigrants are exposed to at some point ”.

“Today, when there are days until my Bárbara Camila’s high school graduation, her 18 years and her move to university, I remember everything we went through to get to this day and I only have gratitude in my heart, for each lesson learned, for every “NO” that I received and that I transformed into “YES”, and the truth is that at this point I only ask God for health, because having health you have everything, because my love is all done and you just have to have tireless perseverance to obtain it ”.

The Venezuelan added: “And although my Amalia Victoria – @ mipedacitodeluz- is very young, from now on I teach her to appreciate everything from the soul and how much God gives us, and not precisely the things that are bought, but the beautiful family that we have, the good people around us and love to give and receive. Have a beautiful day and may the day be full of everything and how much you want ”.

In addition to the message, the fans of “La Venenosa” also know that she has a true appreciation for bags from “Luxury Brands” such as Fendi, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

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