Carolina Sandoval sends a strong message to Francisca Lachapel

Carolina Sandoval wants to meet Francisca to help her cope with this difficult moment.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Francisca lachapel He shared a sad message through his social networks. The conductor of Wake up America She has been receiving harsh criticism for her appearance in this pregnancy process. They have been telling her everything, as she commented, and they attack from her clothes to her weight gain, the worst thing is that as a result she is experiencing a lot of sadness.

For Lachapel it was not easy to share this situation, let alone make it public. But the Univision star is clear about the need to talk about this, for the scope that his words may have, as well as for what can be achieved and changed as a result of this.

Along with the video Francisca explained the following: “I thought a lot to upload this video, but I think the message is important and it also serves as an outlet to feel better. I ask that we be more careful with our comments and that we have more empathy“.

Many celebrities have reacted by leaving endless messages of encouragement. But among these stands out that of Carolina Sandoval. A celebrity who daily receives attacks on social networks, for everything and nothing. Either by her way of communicating, by her way of dressing or by simply being herself on her personal platforms. “La Venenosa” has reminded Lachapel of the most important thing and what to do with the famous “digital worms”, which is the name it has given to haters.

My girl you are beautiful ”, Sandoval first told him. Then he added: “Unfortunately, people who live without electricity want to take advantage of the fact that you are vulnerable.”

The former panelist of Suelta La Sopa offers her to have an appointment, in which she intends to help her overcome the bad drink that they are putting her through with so many hurtful accusations: “We have to meet to fill you with a little of what I have learned to develop over time “crocodile skin and I have already been vaccinated against digital worms” so worry about your creature and that’s it. #cosasqueientecaro. You look beautiful!“.

Carolina’s words are clear, and there is also a strong call for Lachapel in them and it is that now the most important thing is that she focuses on her baby and that she be happy.