Carolina Sandoval responds: “Irony that some do not support you because of the way you are and others love you for being who you are”

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Carolina sandoval She knows that she has all kinds of followers, from those who really enjoy seeing all her occurrences and accept all her publications with pleasure, as well as many who are literally just waiting for something they consider scandalous to point out and criticize her to lethality.

For her haters, the celebrity left these words that she also took from Nohelia Castro, editor of People en Español magazine. “How ironic that some can’t stand you because of the way you are and others love you so much for being who you are.” According to the Venezuelan, this phrase suited her like a glove.

But this publication by Carolina Sandoval also highlighted her talking about her outfit, which shows how much she likes fashion and where she obeys her own tastes. About her outfit she said: “In front of my mirror seeing how good I look with this look … believe it or not, I fixed it in less than 15 minutes.” In addition, this look is the one he used to talk with María Celeste Arará.

But Carolina also generated all kinds of comments for a previous publication. The photo that came to his Instagram comes from his program “El Trasnocho con Caro”, where he returned to bathe in front of his fans. This came into his hands thanks to a fan who asked him to upload it, because he knew that it would raise dust among his famous “digital worms”, the name he has given to his “haters”.

“Oh, what a shame with the visit, another follower sent me this photo that she captured last night in #eltrasnochoconcaro and told me to dedicate it to our #digitalworms with love, and I am very obedient.”

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