Carolina Sandoval is unleashed on Instagram with her husband. She undresses and he covers her wearing only panties

The Venezuelan Carolina sandoval He went back to doing his thing and with few clothes. The Venezuelan wanted to talk about “the flame of love” and give some tips to keep it alive, but it would be very boring if she did it only with words. So very out of pain she untied, undressed and hugged her husband so that he would obviously cover her. Nick hernandez he wore only underwear and both showed that there are not only flames but a whole explosion in good mood and love.

In the same way, although many see almost naked bodies, the message of the former driver of Tell me what you know it always goes beyond an image. In this case, he did not focus only on self love, which has already become a campaign flag if not acceptance of the partner. In loving that person beyond their physical attractiveness, understanding that the years go by and that love and the way we see our romantic partners changes.

“After a while one understands that love has nothing to do with muscles, legs or waist … neither with size, nor with any of the eyes they see anything else, in fact everything looks beautiful and Perfect still When gray hairs paint the color of our hair it is other shades, so much so that when the scale marked what it marks when you are barely in your twenties, it does not matter but for health and not for physicality … I want to invite you to love your partners beyond the banality of a sculpted figure implies… if you have it well and if not, too… ”, was part of the powerful message of the Venezuelan.

The journalist, who worked for many years at the chain Telemundo, said this photo belongs to a collection of personal images that he keeps for her. However, her path in helping and empowering people accepting themselves as they are, makes her share almost everything, no matter how intimate it may seem. Something that defines “La Venenosa” is her spontaneous personality and her frontality. This photo and his words are a sample of it.

Obviously, this earned him hundreds of posts in the comment section of his account. Instagram. Some focused on thanking you for the advice and the thoughtful moment they manage to get after reading it. Others, with criticism of his body, marriage or the work that he has been doing every day on social networks. Carolina Sandoval has defined the latter who refer to it in that sense as “digital worms”. He almost always ignores them except for a few times where he has even dedicated entire publications to his “haters”

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