Carolina Sandoval interviews influencer Mario Aguilar, who dreamed of success to buy his mother a house

Carolina Sandoval changed her bikini in front of her followers on Instagram.

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Mario Aguilar placeholder image He is the famous Mexican influencer who went viral on Facebook with videos in which he imitated his mother. Now everyone knows him from productions like “Frases de Mamás Latinas” and characters like “La Morena”, among others. But this young talent of social networks and YouTube was not only successful on these platforms. He made of its content plays or stagings that have allowed him to travel through his country and others, bringing to the family a white humor to entertain.

Now, in addition to all of the above, Aguilar also becomes a singer. In the interview with Carolina sandoval this content creator promotes your song “Today I Decide.” It should be added that Mario Aguilar recently admitted his homosexuality through social networks, and there he has received the constant support and affection of his audience, too.

For this interview in “El Lunch con Caro”, the Venezuelan put on her blonde wig and thus with the same energy she talked to Mario. To whom he reiterated his respect and admiration for the work he does, because he recognizes that the actor and comedian began this work with greater dedication with the clear intention of buying his mother a house.

“We lived in a very small apartment… we are eight siblings and mom alone raffled off for all of us. My brothers’ father left my mother and my father died when I was five years old. My mom alone did everything, ”recalls Mario. The comedian also said that one day he told her that he was going to buy a car so that he could take her to the doctor, among other activities, and that she thought he was crazy. Until one day he arrived with a car, small and gray.

Over time Mario says that he began to create more content, gave lectures and visited schools. “People started paying to see me,” he said. And that is how one day he managed to buy a house, in which to this day he lives with his mother.

On criticism Mario Aguilar is sincere and says that indeed they hurt, affect and that they do make you cry. “After that, it’s your decision whether or not that affects you,” he explains. He asserts that negative criticism, in the end, does not contribute anything to him. In this talk they also talked about how on May 24 Mario will present his song “Yo Decido Decidir”, a theme, as he explains, exposes his sexual orientation.

Here we leave you the interview of Carolina Sandoval with Mario Aguilar.

This is one of the trailer for “I Decide to Decide” that Mario comments during the interview.

The “Mamás Latinas” videos are a real hit for Mario on YouTube. The comedian acknowledges that when he opened his mind, he realized that this theme not only applies to his Mexican audience, he even said, laughing, that there are many “crazy” moms like his in the world.

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