Carolina Sandoval does not allow herself to forget her origins and reveals that she cleaned floors and sold flowers when she arrived in Miami

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

Carolina sandoval She is grateful to God for the blessings she has in her life and that she has received throughout it. “La Venenosa” even shared on Instagram how proud she is of her origins in order to motivate her followers to undertake. “All my life I have been in charge of never forgetting the floors that I had to clean when I arrived in Miami, the flowers that I had to distribute and even the humiliations to which all immigrants are exposed at some point” .

Through her social network Carolina Sandoval shared an emotional message, which is born as a result of the change she is about to face, now that her daughter Bárbara Camila is about to start university.

“Today when there are days until my Bárbara Camilas’s high school graduation, her 18 years and her move to university, I remember everything we went through to get to this day and I only have gratitude in my heart for each lesson learned, for every “NO” that I received and that I turned into “YES”, and the truth is that at this point I only ask God for health. Because having health you have everything, because, my loves, everything is done and you just have to have tireless perseverance to get it ”.

The Venezuelan also reveals that she shares these teachings with her youngest daughter, Amalia Victoria, even though she is still too young to fully understand her. On this he says: “From now on I teach him to appreciate from the soul everything and how much God gives us and not precisely the things that are bought, but the beautiful family we have, the good people around us and the love to give and receive. Have a beautiful day and may the day be full of everything and how much you want ”.

Hours later Carolina returned to Instagram to share a family message, thus highlighting how important all the people who make up her home are for her: “If there is something that I celebrate every day of my life, it is” The Family “because for me it is. everything and without them does not feel the same. I toast to all those who give the place they deserve to true loves, to the most valuable affections full of honesty and who are capable of giving their lives and leaving everything for #lafamilia “HAPPY FAMILY DAY” “.

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