Carolina Sandoval confesses to María Celeste Arrarás: “They were going to throw me out the first time for going out in a girdle”

Carolina Sandoval confesses with the also journalist with María Celeste Arrarás.

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Carolina sandoval offered an interview to her longtime partner in Telemundo, María Celeste Arrarás. In this interview, from journalist to journalist and in a very frontal way, they talked about the eccentric and outgoing personality of the Venezuelan and how she defended it. They focused on how that same spontaneity has led her to receive much criticism and to impose herself on media executives. Assured that she was almost thrown out for not wearing a girdle Y several more insecurities. Nowadays it is also an example for many people who manage, through the messages of “La Venenosa”, to feel safe and happy with themselves.

“They were going to kick me off the TV for the first time because a journalist couldn’t go out in a girdle because she couldn’t be genuine, because journalists had to be like María Celeste and I respect that. María Celeste is María Celeste and she is a journalist, but Carolina Sandoval is also a journalist and he comes out in a girdle, “he said, recalling his struggles when he was working on television.

María Celeste told him that at some point she was at a social event and was talking with Pamela silva from “La Venenosa”: “… We both came to the conclusion that, with your follies, you have achieved something very good of acceptance for those with big curves,” said the Cuban honestly.

The former host of Al Rojo Vivo, who at some point she was also fired from Telemundo She admitted that she was no longer a size 4, but that was not why she would dare to stand in a bikini for a camera. In this way praising the personality and security of the Venezuelan journalist, who also expressed her opinion about her changes in her body over the years.

“I’m thinking of changing my bust size to my original, I’m already voluptuous and I don’t like this size… So I’ll do the same as Khloé kardashian because here there is meat, arepa, dulce de leche. There is no liposuction, but there are two breast surgeries… The first time I got boobies I wanted to be Pamela Anderson, added Carolina.

The author of the book “Tell Me What You Post and I’ll Tell You Who You Are” She admitted that at times she has become reflective about whether what she is doing today could affect her youngest daughter, Amalia Victoria, in the future. But her conclusion was the following: “I hope that people know me, they know that I will not go to school in a bathing suit… Sometimes they catalog someone’s professionalism for having decided something extreme on social networks… I was a single mother and they saw me like that the moms at school, but then I won them over. They all became my friends … “

He also assured not to feel bad and not to stop doing what he does. He even gave an example of a “Live” that he did at some point, in which he remembered his deceased father and where he had a little sign that said: “Jesus in reason.” That transmission had more than 400 thousand reproductions and he did not remove his clothes.

She also confessed that she was shy when she was younger, she was embarrassed to speak in public. He went through another stage in which he lived to please others. She said that sometimes she wouldn’t open the door without first putting on her contact lenses, which flattered her when they weren’t even her natural eye color: “I felt good lying,” she said until she almost damaged her eyes and that made pause.

But once, the producer Luz María Doria from Univision He told her before starting a television show: “If you tell me that tonight you will go to a party with your hair the way you have it, let’s go on the air now. And if not, you have ten minutes to change it… It was a great lesson ”. She also took the opportunity to thank María Celeste for the gesture she made when calling her when they gave her the news of his dismissal from Suelta la Sopa, a fact that he classifies as the closing of a stage.

María Celeste was delighted with the honest conversation she had with the famous “Venenosa”, who left the television screens thus becoming a brand, not only of the products she already markets, but also of her messages, of her unique style for tell something and talk about very complicated topics that not everyone dares. Without a doubt, Carolina Sandoval revolutionizes social networks on a daily basis. Everything he does generates a reaction and, on many occasions, it even becomes a trend ”.

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