The figure of Carolina Guerra is common on catwalks and on film and television screens. Her name appears in series such as Demons of Davinci, Animal Kingdom or Rubirosa, and in the films La lectora, Cinco and Gallows Hill. However, this Bogota woman, model, actress and presenter, has also contributed her talent to different social and charitable causes.

She is behind ‘We are one for Chocó’, an initiative that seeks to benefit 20,000 families in conditions of extreme vulnerability in that department of the Colombian Pacific.

Carolina Guerra in the series Davinci’s Demons

Guerra’s relationship with Chocó started from a conversation on Twitter that he had with the human rights defender from the Afro territories, Luis Ernesto Olave.

“He sent me a report on the situation across the region. I sat down to cry while reading it. After I got over it, I decided that something had to be done, but I didn’t know where to start, ”Guerra says in a telephone interview.

Based in Los Angeles, where she has made her recent acting career, she decided to take a first step through social networks to ask for donations of masks to take to Chocó. “The surge that sparked that tweet was crazy. Donors, companies, friends from the school, the same department government, the Red Cross, from the Ministry of Tic contacted me, ”he says.

The fact gave him the impetus he lacked to materialize the campaign that since yesterday seeks to raise a million dollars through the platforms and

“I needed guidance, so I called the director of the Aid Live foundation, Victoria Sierra. She and I lead everything, ”says Guerra about the project that will distribute its funds in four essential kits.

He sent me a report on the situation throughout the region. I sat down to cry while reading it. After I got over it, I decided that something had to be done, but I didn’t know where to start

The first is called Familia, which seeks to feed four members of a family nucleus for a month; that of Care, which will provide face masks and hygiene and personal care items for four people; the Agua kit, which will give beneficiaries access to the liquid for six months, and a package designed for women, with female protection for menstruation for one year.

“We decided that the aid would be for a longer term. Not that we gave a market that lasts a week and after that time they are in the same problem of lack of food, “he explains.

Both Olave and Leyner Palacios – survivor of the Bojayá massacre and Chocoano social leader – will accompany the aid deliveries, “because it is important to have a share of citizenship and credibility in a place like Chocó where everything is stolen, everything is promises that are not met. It is vital that they are here because the community respects them and loves them, ”adds Guerra.

There are no conditions or minimum amounts to donate. ‘We are one for Chocó’ will have two cuts (one in 15 days and one per month) to bring aid to the territory as soon as possible, where It will include not only Afro populations, but also the indigenous communities that inhabit this region of the country.. The campaign also includes the participation of Goyo, a member of ChocQuibTown, “a representative of the cultural wealth of Chocó,” Guerra says of the singer.

Goyo, member of the ChocQuibTown group.


Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda. EFE

While she can resume her activities in acting and the fashion world, suspended by the expansion of the coronavirus in the United States, the Colombian will continue to dedicate her energies to the people of Choco.

“I am also linked to a Unicef ​​initiative to invest in educational aid there. As you can see, he had Chocó in his heart; for a while, I had it in my sights, “he says.

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