The Colombian came out on the cover of a magazine showing off her great body and making a call for attention

Colombian actress Carolina Gaitan She is one of the most multifaceted artists on Hispanic television. Not only does she act, but she sings, writes, performs in the theater, movies and, above all, she manages to show off her beauty according to world news.

On this occasion, the actress of “Sinos Sí Si Hay Paraíso”She was seen in a sensual white bikini and a mask, but this is not all. “Bagpipe”As many know her, she posed behind transparent plastic, making a wake-up call to the following public regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

“Isolation is vital for everyone” was part of the message of the editorial of the Colombian magazine “Don Juan”, for which this photograph served as the cover.

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Isolation is vital for everyone; That is the message we want to send with this cover with @lagaita that we did long before the quarantine was decreed in Colombia and the pandemic became a terrible reality for us. Actually, Carolina was going to be the cover of our music edition and the photos were scheduled for March 14, but on March 11 the WHO declared # covid_19 as a pandemic and we decided to turn the whole edition around. We sent to make chronicles in Rome, Madrid and Tehran, the cities that at that time suffered with the arrival of the coronavirus. We interviewed Dr. Otto A. Sussmann about the disease. We got permission to publish an excerpt from Daniel Defoe’s Diary of the Year of the Plague (@editorial_impedimenta), and the writer Miguel Mendoza prepared an essay on epidemics in art. We told Carolina about the situation and she – with boundless generosity – decided to help us create an extreme metaphor for isolation. On March 14 – when there was still discussion about whether concerts could be held in Bogotá – we took the photos. On May 18 the mayor @claudialopezcl ordered the preventive quarantine for March 20. Then came the quarantine by order of the president @ivanduquemarquez. The rest of the story is known to all. “We are just as exposed and just as vulnerable. This experience allows us to realize that we are equal, as humans, “Carolina told us. Dr. Carlos Francisco Fernández, medical advisor to the Casa Editorial El Tiempo, helped us choose this photo as the cover. The mask, the plastic, the gloves, are a metaphor for the isolation to which we must all submit. #Stay at home. @revistadonjuan PH: @hernanpuentes MH: @normajaneid Realization: @ laura.morenob @itchir Art: @javier_garzon_yeahh @ fernando.gomez.e Editor Don Juan: @instachepe Music Management: @mun_ent

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