According to CNEWS, Carole Baskin would not have liked Cardi B’s new music at all and explained the reasons that led her to it

Released just a few days ago, Cardi B’s new music video seems to divide a lot. Indeed, its title WAP has never done so much talk. Recently, Carole Baskin gave her opinion on it.

The latter, running the Big Cat Rescue near Tampa, Florida as CNEWS points out, fight every day for animal rights. Hey animals, there’s a lot of them in Cardi B’s new music video.

Despite everything, the latter would not have been physically present according to his words: “I was happy to note that all images had been photoshopped. It seems that the felines were not present on site with the singers ”.

On the other hand, for some to be present in the clip of Cardi B, it was undoubtedly necessary to have them pose at some point. Shock that Carole Baskin regrets: “That being said, you must pose a wild feline in front of a green screen to get these images and it does not happen in nature. “

Well to get to this, Cardi B would have appealed to a cat trafficker …

Cardi B: Carole Baskin violently clashes her new clip!

Carole Baskin, disappointed with Cardi B after the presence of animals in her video

If Carole Baskin thinks so, it’s not for nothing. Indeed, she gave a few arguments to prove that what she thought turned out to be quite plausible: ” It can’t happen in shrines like ours. Where felines have plenty of room to avoid a green screen. (they would shred it if they had access to it and could die by ingesting it). “

In other words, Cardi B would therefore have needed professionals for these felines to pose in front of a green screen. Well, not just any professional…: “This indicates that these singers may have worked with one of the biggest feline traffickers “. Carole Baskin added.

The latter, also continuing by making it known: ” he is someone who earns his living by beating felines … By shocking them and starving them. To make them stand in front of a green screen in the studio ”.

If what she says turns out to be true, there is no doubt that Cardi B is going to have even more worries than she already has. Offset’s wife suffered tackles after the appearance of Kylie Jenner in his clip. But also because it is considered too sexy, and now, because felines are part of it …

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