Carmen Villalobos and William Levy together in Colombia for Telemundo’s ‘Café Con Aroma de Mujer’

Carmen Villalobos Y William Levy they are already together in Colombia to start the recordings of the new version of “Woman-fragranced coffee“.

The also protagonist of “Without breasts, there is paradise”Posted an image next to the Cuban actor welcoming him to the land of coffee.

“Welcome to Colombia Willy,” published the Telemundo star.

Levy responded to the post by adding, “Nice to see you, my Carmen. Thanks for the welcome. I love your land ”.

One of the most successful soap operas ever created comes to Telemundo in a modern adaptation. Written by Fernando Gaitán, the author of the international hit “Yo soy Betty La Fea”, “Café, con aroma de mujer” returns 26 years after becoming a television phenomenon around the world. Relive the magic of Hacienda Casablanca and the story of Gaviota and Sebastián, who will have to overcome the resistance of the Vallejo family, the loves of the past and the obstacle of belonging to different worlds. Produced by RCN Colombia, the modern adaptation stars the international superstar.

Villalobos will be the villain of this story while Laura Londoño it would be the new Seagull.

Telemundo would premiere the telenovela next year.