Carmen Muñoz assures that although it was not in her plans to leave Falling in love, she is satisfied with everything she did during the program in the three years that she led it and now she is more than ready to fully enter Al Extremo, after announcing this Wednesday her definitive integration to the TV Azteca program.

“I am at peace with myself, I am very calm because I completed a great cycle in Falling in love. Many people got to know me thanks to that program, each producer who passed by gave me the opportunity to explore other fields of me that I did not know, each producer took The best of me and I will always carry it in my heart, I will be eternally grateful. I am very at peace, I am open to what comes, I do not feel indebted to the program, “she told El Universal.

Now, he says, he will be working fully on Al Extremo but also on Dialogues in Confidence, a Channel Eleven program that airs on Fridays. At the same time, he prepares a book and a line of hats, reiterating his multi-faceted spirit.

“It seems that the public liked my participation in Al Extremo, which is a program from which I am learning but I do not feel alien because at the beginning I worked in the news. I feel very happy that they give me the opportunity to show myself in different facets, a long time ago I was in De Todo con Carmen, a very successful program for Channel Once, I have been in sports programs like the Olympic Games, in many types of formats, “he said.

In all these processes, something indispensable for Carmen has been the unconditional support of her husband and daughter. Without them, he says, nothing would be possible.

“Sometimes I don’t know how I do with the times, but my engine is my family, my daughter and my husband. I give myself time for everything, not to focus 100 percent on the professional but also on the personal, I come out of work, I go home and disconnect from the job, I start to talk, have dinner together, my daughter gives me examples of creativity every day although she has classes in life, we as parents are happy to share this time with her ”

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