Carmen Armendáriz, ready to work on the new Televisa and Univision platform – El Sol de México

After overcoming controversies over its protagonist and the mixture of genres in her adaptation of a Turkish story, the producer Carmen Armendáriz, who is about to conclude the telenovela broadcasts You remember me, assures that she will continue on that path to offer proposals to the new Televisa and Univisión platform, which is going through the streaming market in Spanish.

His way of working will not change, because “we know that the telenovela is doing very well in the United States. So that’s where I’m going to continue in my future novel projects, with this line of melodrama and thriller ”, says the producer in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

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For Carmen Armendariz there was never any doubt about the decision to cast Fatima Molina as the protagonists in her telenovela debut, along with Gabriel Soto for Te acuerdas de me, which in its culminating weeks averaged 3.1 million viewers.

Next Monday, May 3, will be the end of this melodrama with touches of a thriller, which was the center of a controversy just over a month after its premiere, because the protagonist does not fit the stereotype of the telenovela heroine, which apparently caused a low rating. But as a result of the media scandal, the rating stabilized in favor.

You remember me will end the 86 original episodes, with adjustments to reinforce some scenes, as happens in all productions, but without major modifications, says Carmen Armendariz.

“We are doing very well, it was a product to my liking and the results as you can see are good for the cast, the directors, the art, the photography. It is a really good product, not only for broadcast television, but for digital platforms ”.

The producer announced that the last chapters of the telenovela that launched Marisol del Olmo as a villain, will be as planned, without surprise guests. “We are all that we are, the new characters have already appeared, Pedro Romo as judge in the custody case of Faby, Ivana’s daughter and Pedro Sicard as Octavio.”

He does not avoid the controversy that was generated by his choice of the protagonist and assures: “I am still in my position: We have to do different things to get ahead, if you don’t risk, you don’t win. Fatima is a great actress, a sensual woman who sings, dances and acts very well, has good preparation, I felt that it was just what I needed for this character, a new face and Televisa agreed. All the controversy that was made around her, the only thing that served was so that the people of Las Estrellas who did not know her, knew her ”.

Although he will continue on the path of suspense melodrama, he does not rule out the realization of María Félix’s bioseries, although he acknowledges that “it is a complicated and expensive series, they will tell me at the company and I will be ready, the scripts are ready We’ll see when we start filming ”, he concludes.