Carmelo Anthony to play with LeBron James at Los Angeles Lakers

Both were chosen in the 2003 draft. Both were born in 1984. Both will finish 2021 with 37 springs. They are friends. They are intimate. But they had never played together beyond Team USA. Now, after 18 years in the league, they will share a locker room in the NBA for the first time. Carmelo anthony has committed to Los angeles lakers to play with the Los Angeles team and will be your friend’s companion Lebron James.

And it is that the Los Angels Lakers season forces the Los Angeles team to create a winning team that will make them fight for the title. In addition, the landing of Russell Wesbrook and his millionaire salary forces them to sign veteran players who charge the minimum and who contribute.

Unforgettable moment

The truth is that Melo’s landing in LA is not another moment. It’s a historic NBA moment. Two players like him and LeBron James who have made league history. They have not stopped winning and showing that they are in the elite. The story is beautiful if it ends with Carmelo getting the title.

In any case, Melo is already a legend and LeBron much more. The nice thing is that they join their paths at the end of their careers with the goal of the ring and nothing less than with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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