Carmelo Anthony, motivation to win Los Angeles Lakers ring

Whatever happens in these final bars of your sports career, Carmelo anthony He is a true NBA legend. Having achieved many records at the individual level and after having shown enormous humility in the Portland Trail Blazers, knowing how to adapt to a secondary role and competing with great collective sentiment and honesty, the Brooklyn-born faces with renewed illusions what may be his last. championship assault. Winning a ring is the only thing left for this man and his signing for Los angeles lakers responds to his desire to put the icing on his career and do it together with a friend like Lebron James, as he comments on SportsYahoo.

How he managed his departure from the Portland Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard’s situation

“I feel like I gave it my all and built something important with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. I did everything possible to help the team and the community, I didn’t like how some things were managed from the franchise in the days before my departure. The two years that I was there I built a real home in the city and was part of the community. I have a great friendship with Damian and I know that he has never wanted to leave, but has simply shown his ambition to win. He has done a lot for the city ​​and it would be impossible to find a player who could have that connection with the people, “said Carmelo, who assumed a role as a bench player and scorer specialist that he will have to develop in the Lakers.

Teams that were interested in him and motivation to compete with the Los Angeles Lakers

Once it was known that Carmelo was going to leave Oregon, many suitors came out, something almost unthinkable before his arrival in Portland, when he was ousted from the NBA. “About 20 months ago I was nobody, did not exist and seemed doomed to retire. It was a great feeling to go out on the market this summer and find that the New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers and New Orleans were interested in me,” he says. “The only thing I need to get a ring and I feel that with the squad we have in Lakers we have to get it. It’s time, it is essential to be champions and I think about it every day,” he reveals Carmelo Anthony.

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