During the delivery of Monday, July 27, ‘Save me’, Carlota Corredera recalled for a few moments her time as director of the format, specifically ‘Deluxe Saturday’. With Belén Esteban on the set, the presenter revealed that the audience record for the program was awarded one of the belenazos, when the collaborator returned after her operation for the Campanadas. « That was the most watched ‘Deluxe’ in history, » Corredera recalled. In addition, he added that « of the five most viewed ‘Deluxe’, maybe four are from Bethlehem. »

Romina Power, in ‘Saturday deluxe’

The collaborators wanted to know more details about numbers and guests, so Esteban asked: « The character that has made you the most difficult to negotiate, in the end came to the ‘Deluxe’?After a pause in which the presenter was thoughtful, she replied: « The interview that was more, more, more complicated and the best paid, in my time, was the interview with Romina Power. And Albano said he would only sit down the next week to answer his wife, for the same amount. « 

Lydia Lozano intervened to ask if « she made up for the pasta with the audience », to which Corredera did not hesitate to answer in the affirmative: « I think Romina made around 23% and then made a little less AlbanoHowever, he remembers the negotiations very harshly. « Romina’s requests were very complicated. We had to negotiate until the last moment, because she only wanted to be with Jorge Javier Vázquez but we did not want to do without the collaborators. There were several tables: Romina was there, she spoke, she went out and other collaborators spoke, « recalls the presenter.

Looking for another hotel at dawn

Corredera continued explaining that « he did not veto any questions or any collaborator », but he was very demanding in other aspects. At the end of the interview, « he arrived at a 5-star hotel in Madrid and when he arrived and he saw that the floors were not natural, he said that he did not sleep there and at dawn he had to find another hotel that had a marble floor. He gave a lot of war, but it is true that he gave a good interview in which he answered everything, « confesses Carlota Corredera.