Carlota Corredera, first ‘trending topic’ in Spain for her encounter with Kiko Matamoros

The broadcast of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary on Telecinco has divided Spain between those who believe her testimony and those who doubt it.

Proof of this disagreement has been the clash that Kiko Matamoros and Carlota Corredera have had during the afternoon of this Thursday on behalf of the daughter of Rocío Jurado and Antonio David Flores.

In the last episode of the documentary Tell the truth to stay alive, Carrasco said that one day his son came home with a broken arm after spending a weekend with his father.

Kiko Matamoros has revealed that he also witnessed neglect “on the part of both of them because I have experienced it”: “I have been a witness and I denounced it publicly and a lawsuit was filed against me and it was filed.”

And Carlota Corredera has responded: “With the testimony, the evidence and everything that was told last night from the mouth of Rocío Carrasco that right now we are debating whether there has been neglect by both parties with what Rocío Carrasco said yesterday and demonstrated to me My soul falls down to my feet”.

The presenter has asked Matamoros how he invalidates what he is counting on what Carrasco narrated in the documentary and has indicated that the protagonist of the documentary provided evidence of what happened.

″ You are equating a victim with his aggressor! ”Corredera has snapped to Matamoros, who has responded that he considers that the victims are the children and has assured that Antonio David is not an aggressor because“ justice has not said that ”.

“Nor did he say it about Ernesto Neira and you call him an abuser,” Corredera replied. “Exactly because I experienced it live, because I was …

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