Carlos Tevez’s mind-blowing fault (video)

The Boca Juniors striker cut up one of his former teammates after just … three seconds of play.

Carlos Tevez was believed to be better. As proof, his four goals scored in the last three matches of Boca Juniors.

But the Argentine striker has shown a new stroke of madness, going to attack Mateo Retegui, his former teammate now in Talleres. After only three seconds of play (!), “The Apache” stuck a huge sole to his vis-à-vis. Miraculously, he was able to resume the match, and Tevez too because he only received a yellow card.

After the meeting, lost by Boca Juniors (0-1), Tevez confided that he was actually living a difficult moment: his father, affected by the coronavirus, is sick.

“It’s very hard, he explained on ESPN 2. I have very complicated feelings. For a while I’m fine, but at half time I cry sometimes. These are difficult times. I can not explain it. These are moments that cannot be explained. “