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Carlos Soler celebrates his third goal against Madrid at Mestalla.Carlos Soler celebrates his third goal against Madrid at Mestalla.JOSE JORDAN / .

After the sweep carried out in summer by the largest shareholder, Peter Lim, throwing out important players such as Dani Parejo or Ezequiel Garay, Valencia found a new benchmark in José Luis Gayà. Pedreguer’s left-hander, who grew in charisma during Marcelino’s time, took a step forward last season amid the sporting chaos generated by the club’s Singaporean government, which ended the team unhinged and out of Europe. Today, Gayà, the first captain of the squad, is one of the pillars of the dressing room. Your commitment is an example for the group.

The Pedreguer sprinter will not play this Saturday at the Mestalla against Atlético de Madrid (Movistar LaLiga, 4.15pm). Gayà was injured against Deportivo Alavés last Sunday and the next LaLiga matches against Atlético, Eibar, Athletic, Barcelona and Sevilla plus the Copa del Rey against Terrassa will be out of combat if he reaches four weeks off, although the The entity’s medical services are confident of recovering it in three weeks. Without Gayà, in an effervescent moment of play in his club and in the national team, the team loses the emotional boost that the captain contributes and is left lame.

It is time for new references and, specifically, for another youth squad who is following Gayà’s example at heart. The disciplined Carlos Soler has assumed his new role in the dressing room and has multiplied his role. He is no longer the player who did not discuss, out of respect, the fouls or penalties against Dani Parejo; he is now the sniper of the set pieces team. From the penalty spot he struck down the long Courtois three weeks ago on the unrepeatable night of 4-1 against Real Madrid. Sacrificing his talent when he was displaced to the right wing or to the left, according to the script, by Marcelino, Carlos Soler has become a more solvent player in the last three seasons. In the lanes, although he broke inside to associate with Rodrigo and Maxi, his talent fasted, but he educated his capacity for sacrifice despite the fact that sticks rained down from a sector of the stands. He never opened his mouth to complain. He gritted his teeth and was obedient. That process shaped and improved it. This season he has returned to his place, the midfielder, and from there, with freedom, leads a young Valencia that stumbles forward in the championship, grieving his inexperience.

Nicknamed El Chino since his time at the Paterna Academy for his facial features, Soler was not affected by the slap that the club gave him at the beginning of the course. President Anil Murthy refused to wear the number 10 that Parejo released. Peter Lim had decided that it was for Kang In Lee, who the club intends to make a benchmark for the VCF brand to grow commercially in Asia. That decision, another miscalculation by the Lim-Murthy couple, generated a minor crisis in the squad. Gayà and Jaume, the first two captains, faced the president because he had violated one of the internal codes of the dressing room, such as the distribution of vacant numbers. Murthy backed off and Kang In, out of respect for Soler’s seniority, did not want to take it and donned the 20 of Ferran Torres. The result of that is that Valencia, which collects rarities, is the only LaLiga team without the number 10 jersey.

The insecure Valencia is held by the young shoulders of his nursery in the sports city. Along with Gayà (25 years old) and Carlos Soler (23 years old) is Toni Lato (23 years old), another product of the fertile factory of left backs from Paterna. Against Atleti, Lato faces the challenge of propping up the side left orphaned by Captain Gayà. At his side, tilting to help him, will be his friend Carlos Soler. And advising him, his uncle, Vicente Latorre, tall forward, captain and legend of Levante.