Carlos Slim is a trend, a brand wins and it is not exactly Telmex

From all over the world it is known that Carlos Slim is one of the strongest personal brands in the country.

We are talking about one of the richest men in the world who around big brands like Sanborns, Telmex or Sears has managed to create an empire in the field of business.

Although many of the brands that are operated from Carlos Slim’s companies are managers in the market, the reality is that now it is another commercial firm that has benefited, after the renowned businessman was referred by hundreds of users to ask them to “pay for the merch.”

This request has led the name of the businessman to occupy the top positions within the Twitter trends.

In this way, the label “Carlos Slim”, at the end of the note adds 5 thousand 987 related tweets, according to estimates provided by the social network itself.

Amid these hundreds of comments, the reality is that there is only one winning brand: Louis Tomlinson Merch.

It is a proposal of fashion, accessories and music put on the table by the singer and former member of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson, who from a website sells all kinds of sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, thermos, hats and even face masks, products that have had special relevance among the followers of the now extinct boy band.

In this way, the singer’s followers have asked businessman Carlos Slim to “donate” a part of his fortune to pay for some items in the aforementioned online store.

According to the fans, for Carlos Slim buying and giving away a thousand sweatshirts signed by the Tomlinson brand, which are sold for about 41 pounds (at an exchange rate of one thousand 164.96 Mexican pesos) would be nothing, if we condemn that according to the list of Forbes, the entrepreneur of telecommunications and others sectors he has a fortune of 62.2 billion dollars.

Regardless of whether fan proposals are viable or are actually a crazy idea, the truth is that the phenomenon speaks of the importance that niches will have during the following months in the generation of businesses.

Faced with a consumer who will watch every peso spent on a strict cost-benefit rule, speaking to the masses might not be as profitable as identifying the particular tastes of different consumer groups.

The opportunity will be to attack specific needs and not just common ones, where brands can easily become commodities in the search for affordable prices for proposals that fulfill the same mission.

This premise is clearly understood by the English singer, who has found a way to capitalize on his image beyond the musical field or collaborations with other brands, to launch his own commercial proposal.

This places him according to the Daily Mail, as the third former member of the British band One Direction in terms of fortune. Tomlinson is said to have an equity valued at 45 million, Liam payne has accumulated 44 million and Zayn Malik, the first to drop out of music training, £ 36 million.