Carlos Sainz runs home this weekend …

Before traveling to Barcelona where this weekend he will contest the Spanish F1 GP, Carlos Sainz spoke in a ceremony prepared by Estrella Galicia 0,0

May 4, 2021 (20:45 CET)

Carlos Sainz during Estrella Galicia’s online press test

Galicia Star 0.0 continues to sponsor Carlos Sainz and also this year the Ferrari team. During an online event, he spoke about the present, the past and the future.

This weekend he runs “at home”, at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and he will do it for the first time wearing red. “I’m looking forward to my first home race as a Ferrari driver although I would prefer with the stands full, but it is what it touches. I’ve always been good at it, you have to see what has changed and see, it can be very interesting. The heart of F1 is still in Europe and he continues to make it clear, whether or not we can continue on the calendar in Spain is something else.

About this Sunday during the portuguese race in which he finished eleventh, Sainz has commented: “They are things of the races … and when there are 23 it will happen more times. The sooner we go through these experiences and tough races, the sooner I will be able to learn from it and understand well how to work better So that it doesn’t happen again. We tried many strategies and it seemed logical to me and to use the medium, nobody knew about the hard part, everything looks easier in the past. All of this will make me stronger. We are analyzing why that one did not work medium tire, our car understeer a lot with it, more than Norris and make no mistake, doing those three strong laps of mine also helped ”.

Sainz still does not know if he will get on the podium with Ferrari this year: “I don’t know when the podium will arriveWe have taken a step forward and if it falls this year and we can fight it, it will be fought, but I think it will take time and perhaps the best option is 2022 ”.

Carlos Sainz made his debut this year in the Ferrari team, and he is adapting very well to the new car and team. “The only lap that I have not taken risks is the first in Bahrain, in Imola I took them in the comeback and at a very good pace in the rain, in qualifying in Portimao I also took them and at the start. Perhaps I did not have the best highlight after the safety car, let’s see if I learn to handle the car well, batteries … but to give 100% as a Ferrari driver there is still something left. Knowing how to do the degree and the perfect strategy I still need a little integration, it is part of learning, there are still 20 left, I am meeting deadlines, there is a constant progression. I do extra hours of telemetry to be faster, but Leclerc is very fast and it will be difficult to keep coming out ahead of him. “

Carlos Sainz during Estrella Galicia's press conference prior to the F1 Spanish GPCarlos Sainz during Estrella Galicia’s press conference prior to the F1 Spanish GP

About your partner Charles Leclerc, says Sainz: “Charles is very fast and it will be difficult to always be in front of him.

On qualification “sprint” who will make his debut at the British GP, Sainz says: “I don’t know if they will benefit me, but I like that there are three more races, I’m better in the race even if they are short. It will be a lot of starting and first laps and a high race pace without saving tires, I feel like it, it is a curious experiment and we will see how it works ”.

Fernando Alonso he overtook him with his Alpine in the Portimao race. “I prefer to be in front and not have to overtake Fernando, you saw what happened, the little resistance I could do … But I’m happy for him, he made a rush and he deserves it, although in my case the key was that we never had to go backwards. Alpine has improved and they will be there from now on if they regain feeling, they will be a car to beat in the middle of the grid sooner rather than later ”.

Sainz comments on the criticisms that are being made of Fernando Alonso. “I’m amazed, they don’t realize the level of driver and cars and the competitiveness that exists in F1 today, which makes it difficult to adapt quickly having pilots with so much experience. After two years without competing at the level that there is, he will always have to suffer races or qualifications, but it was already seen that Fernando is passing quickly and on Sunday he was able to do a race, without magic tricks, with work, and suddenly all those criticisms become admirations, which is how our sport is, one day they criticize you and then you are great, that’s why I believe the criticisms and evaluations less and less, they are very everyday ”.