45 minutes late due to rain, the classification of the Formula 1 Styrian Grand Prix was held. Despite the visibility problems that the drivers have accused, Hamilton He has achieved a creditable first half that will allow him to start from pole this Sunday. Carlos Sainz, for his part, will occupy third place on the grid. The man from Madrid can be optimistic in the fight for the podium not only because of his position but also because Leclerc nor any of the Racing Point reached Q3.

The McLaren They have shown to do very well on the wet track. Despite being, on paper, behind Mercedes, Red Bull and Racing Point; Lando Norris was third in Q1 and Carlos Sainz fourth. Ahead of them only Hamilton, with the best time, and Verstappen slipped in. They were eliminated in this round Raikkonen, Sergio Perez with his Racing Point, Lafiti, Giovinazzi and Grosjean.

To the surprise of the elimination of Sergio Pérez in Q1 was added that of his partner Stroll and of Leclerc in Q2, where the rain made an appearance again. Along with the Racing Point driver and the Ferrari driver, who was second in the Austrian GP, ​​they were out of Q3 Russell, Kvyat and Magnussen.

Sainz ahead of Mercedes de Bottas

Carlos Sainz confirmed the good feelings in Q3 where only Lewis Hamilton and Verstappen, in a favorable circuit for their Red Bull, they were ahead of him. Sainz, meanwhile, ranked ahead of the World Cup leader, Valtteri Bottas. Or with, with his Renault, he was fifth; while his teammate Ricciardo, nineth. The other McLaren, Lando Norris, has finished the sixth qualifying session. Seventh has been Alboneighth Gasly, and Vettel It could only have been tenth.