Carlos Rivera reveals it. Is there a wedding with Cynthia Rodríguez?

Carlos Rivera reveals it Is there a wedding with Cynthia Rodríguez? (Instagram)

Carlos Rivera reveals it. Is there a wedding with Cynthia Rodríguez? | Instagram

The singer Carlos Rivera broke the silence when he was approached recently after his return from Madrid, Spain, the interpreter of successful songs that have consolidated him in the world of music was questioned about Cynthia Rodriguez and a supposed “wedding” and so he answered.

As you know, today Carlos Rivera Together with Cynthia Rodríguez, he has formed one of the most established couples in the artistic world, which is why rumors constantly arise that they have already starred in a “marriage bond”.

Upon arrival at the Mexico City Airport, the “Mexican composer“He was approached by the press who took the opportunity to question him about these rumors with the”TV presenter“once and for all clarified the reality of their relationship.

Faced with such a direct question on this issue, with a big smile, the winner of the reality show, “La Voz México”, answered bluntly: “No, not yet”, thereby totally denying the speculation.

The couple made up of the famous “former academics“They have been very reserved with their sentimental life, although they have been seen together in some luxurious furniture stores, which gave indications at one point that they were decorating the home they live together, as revealed by” Ventaneando “. Now the theories regarding their relationship are stronger than ever.

That is why he would be one of the “youtubers” who shares news of celebrities through his channel, Eden Dorantes, who at one point questioned him about this aspect of his life that arouses so much curiosity.

So far, the television host and the 34-year-old music star have strengthened their courtship over the years, which they have done far from the spotlight, but apparently “wedding” plans are not among their priorities, although they have manifested their desire to be parents.

Meanwhile, the television and theater actor also shared some of the projects he has on the horizon as a new film that portrays his career: “Chronicles of a war” that will be released soon.

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They melt the networks on “Valentine’s Day”

A series of photographs shared by the singer Cynthia Rodríguez, show the special day of “Valentine’s Day“which she celebrated in a big and happy way, all thanks to her boyfriend, Carlos Rivera, who spoiled her on such a special date.

Through some snapshots, Cynthia Rodríguez, presumed that last Sunday, February 14, she dressed in “love”, so several of her fans did not take long to react particularly to the postcards where she appears surrounded by details nothing more and nothing less than from his partner, Carlos Rivera.

It was her own “Mexican presenter“who dressed her Instagram account with the representative color of” love “after being happy for the day that, in addition to celebrating friendship, also honors the great feeling that invades her for the singer Carlos Rivera and who she herself has shouted from the rooftops .

The collaborator of the morning shared a message in one of the most recent postcards where she appears surrounded by two large bouquets of flowers, follow this link to see the image.

And the days and years go by and every day I love you more and better. Always close to me, thank you for so much love of my life. Much love to everyone, wrote the 36-year-old artist.

Two large arrangements of roses captured the attention of his fans, the member of the production team of “Come the joy“, appears in the photograph admiring the beautiful details that he received from his beau on such a special day.

This, without neglecting his facet of being true to fashion, he wore a garment very according to the holiday, a sweater with a pink background and several red hearts scattered throughout the garment complemented the “loving postcard.”

The “youtuber” who has distinguished himself as one of the most acclaimed faces on television, appeared moved by the samples that express the great sentimental bond that unites her with the famous singer, originally from Huamantla, to whom there is no doubt she dedicated a few words of thanks.

The actress of Mexican productions in which they appear, “Educando a Nina”, “He would have yes exists”, “Heart in condominium”, “Woman bought”, among others, received diverse reactions in the publication, and one of them of ” great love “, Carlos Rivera, who commented:” Always! “

How beautiful, Auuuuchhhhh, Best couple, The luckiest of Mexico !!!!, were some of the reactions that applauded the publication.

On the other hand, the model also published some other photographs where she appears in the company of large red letters that say “Love” (Love), in it, the sculptural face of the screen wore a red outfit that left her followers arrowed , to whom in addition to “thanking”, he sent a lot of love “.

Thank you 3 million, a lot of love for you, wrote the former academic.

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The famous artist who has already added several successes for compositions including “Y si tú supieras”, “No soy el aire”, “Regresame mi Corazón”, “Other lives”, “100 years”, among many others, did not leave pass up the opportunity to react to your pretty girlfriend’s post by leaving various heart emojis.