Carlos Rivera reacts to criticism for bad eyebrow retouching?

Carlos Rivera reacts to criticism for bad eyebrow retouching? | Instagram

In full live broadcast, they expose a supposed aesthetic arrangement of the singer Carlos Rivera, in “his gaze” host of “Ventaneando”, Daniel bisogno, criticizes it strongly and this is how the composer reacts.

Very true to his style, one of the drivers of Ventaneando, Daniel Bisogno, sparked a strong controversy after assuring that the “aesthetic retouching” that Carlos Rivera placeholder image it would have been done on her face, specifically on her eyebrows, it hadn’t looked good on her.

The comments of “El Muñe” reached the ears of the Cynthia Rodríguez’s boyfriend, who did not hesitate to react to the comment, however, far from looking annoyed, the also “television actor” took the criticism from the host with enough humor “My dear Dani, believe it or not, I have never touched my eyebrow ” answered.

“That’s how I’ve had it since I was a child”

I don’t love that it’s so arched and outlined, but it is. What can we do. LOL. I hug you with affection, clarified the interpreter of “Other Lives”, and “Give me back my heart”, among many others, in a message he shared from his Twitter account.

And to leave no doubt about his words, it was Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra himself, who included a photograph of when he was just a little boy.

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After this, Daniel Bisogno, returned to give an answer to the “former academic” to whom in a very affectionate way he ended up reiterating his great affection.

My beloved Carlitos, you know the immense affection, admiration and friendship that unites us, you know, knowing me that it is all chatter, you are the most handsome of all, but if I saw her very arched “I love you friend! She said through it social network.

Immediately, the reactions were not long in coming from their fans on the popular social network from which fans did not hesitate to express their support and pointed out “that he should not give explanations”, this added to various compliments.

Carlos Rivera you wouldn’t even have to bother explaining it. Let everyone believe what they want! “Your eyebrows with divine. They are the frame of those big eyes”, “Beautiful since childhood. And those big eyes that make you fall in love, it is seen that you were very flirtatious as a child”, were just some of the comments by users.

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Cynthia Rodríguez confesses surgeries?

While the native of Huamantla, Tlaxcala, which is why he was nicknamed “El Huamas” by his colleagues at La Academia, categorically denied having undergone certain aesthetic procedures, apparently his partner confirmed that he had given in to temptation.

The 35-year-old artist’s partner, who has been with him for 15 years, Cynthia Rodríguez, confirmed in a past interview that he had undergone certain arrangements, particularly to increase the size of his “bust0”, he revealed.

It was one of the programs of the presenter of famous gruperos, known as “La Chicuela”, to which he ended up revealing this confession.

It’s from the bust0, the only one I’ve ever made. I am not sorry to say it because yes, just as there are many people against it, I am in favor of doing things, but with responsible people and not risking health, “added the Coahuilense.

She even added, she was very happy since she got the “measure she wanted” and she feels happy with her body, now “she enjoys how it looks much more,” she commented.

The famous who has stated on several occasions to be a fan of the “fitness lifestyle”, reiterated that she has only undergone the operating room a few times to find the perfect size, however, some rumors refer to more surgeries than really says.

Currently Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera, is one of the most beloved and favorite couples of the show, but their demanding privacy in the relationship they have, generates even more curiosity and is the target of various rumors.

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In recent days, it has been Carlos Rivera who has been encouraged to reveal more details of his relationship to the press, thus confirming that he already shares the same roof with the “host of Venga la Alegría”, although for the moment he ruled out that there were plans wedding.

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