Carlos Rivera in trouble? Exacademic reveals lawsuits in La Voz

Carlos Rivera in trouble?  exacademica reveals lawsuits in La Voz (Instagram)

Carlos Rivera in trouble? exacademica reveals lawsuits in La Voz | Instagram

The former academic Erika alcocer, who became known in the second generation of “La Academia”, starred in his recent return to Tv Azteca where he also did so in the arm of strong revelations about the reunion with Carlos Rivera, about which he recently addresses the type of “relationship “which they both held.

It should be remembered that Carlos Rivera was crowned as the winner of “The academy“in his third generation where he competed with other colleagues: Melissa, César, Leticia, Rykardo, Suzette, Rodrigo, Marla, Martín, Hiromi, Diego, Jessica, Israel, Marcia, Esteban, Dulce, Arturo, Maricarmen and Carlos back in the year 2004.

The artist is one of those who has managed to place himself among the favorites of the public and today he has an important career on the rise, such as his colleague Yuridia, who graduated from the fourth generation where he obtained the second place, and where the advantage was obtained. Erasmo Catarino.

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Did you refuse to collaborate with Carlos Rivera?

For her part, Érika Alcocer, who has knocked on several doors looking for her place in the music scene, recently made her return to Tv Azteca known where she left everyone surprised by revealing details about the alleged “lawsuit” with the artist from Huamantla, Carlos Rivera.

This after the same former student announced, she would have made an addition for “Mexico’s voice“of Televisa in which he did not accept to be part of the academic team.

The interpreter addressed the issue through the program “Venga la Alegría” and revealed the details of this news and the reasons why she refused to join her former partner’s team and chose to go with Maluma.

According to Érika herself, she explains that she did not want her colleague, Carlos Rivera, to feel bad if at some point he felt the need to remove her from the team since both would have been colleagues on the same project.

I did not want to be that one, that I had to get out and that situation was at stake and I did not want them to see me as they are doing me a favor of ‘oh yes the friends’ … maybe I was wrong, but I said ‘If Carlos takes me out, yes I’m going to be left with a grudge,’ “he said.

He also shared that his reaction had repercussions and was frowned upon as well as making it the target of strong criticism even from the artist’s colleagues, such as coach Natalia Jiménez, which he considered very “unfair,” he said during the broadcast.

She told me ‘no, I don’t trust you … you’re ambitious and I don’t like what you did to Carlos’, she really didn’t know the background, “he added.

It was in the section of the popular morning program of Tv Azteca, “Venga la Alegría, where the conductors Cynthia Rodríguez and Anette Cuburó presented the section” In her battles “, where Érika herself describes how it was that very moment that made her the target of negative comments .

The voice of Érika that led her to be a winner in the second edition of the reality show, has been classified as that of a mezzo-soprano, however, its register corresponds to that of a soprano due to its wide range of tones and vocal register.

The singer originally from Tampico, Tamaulipas has traveled a very difficult path to achieve artistic recognition as some of her colleagues have done after the famous talent competition.

Today she has a loving relationship with a musician named Juan Pablo Mezzara: “you are the person I needed in my life, and the life I needed in my person,” said Érika Alcocer.

Last February, the artist appeared on television, when she visited the members of the past generation of La Academia, where she was sharing part of her experience with the students.