Carlos Rivera does not resist. Does Cynthia Rodríguez invite you?

Carlos Rivera does not resist. Does Cynthia Rodríguez invite you? | Instagram

The singer-songwriter Cynthia Rodríguez shared a photo in which she appears from behind wearing a tight pink dress with red and Carlos Rivera placeholder image It didn’t take long for him to react to his pretty partner’s comment.

“Are you coming or am I going?” Cynthia Rodriguez in the publication in which he appears climbing some stairs and turning very smiling at the camera.

It did not take long for the followers of the “host of Venga la Alegría“, Cynthia Rodríguez, will react to the publication in which she added more than 133 likes.

Carlos Rivera made one of the first comments in response to the invitation of his partner and “roommate” Cynthia Deyanira Rodríguez Ruiz, known to all as Cynthia Rodríguez: “I’m going!” Commented the interpreter of “Regresame mi corazón.”

This led to various responses from users of the platform and followers of the couple, one of the most beloved of the show in Mexico.

If something that the fans of both enjoy seeing are the samples that are professed on social networks, although so far they still hope that they will appear again in public together.

For many of the fans of the “former academic” couple, the fact that few details about their relationship are known is very familiar as they have both decided to keep their bond out of the spotlight.

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However, it was the native of Tlaxcala, who a few weeks ago took the first step to confirm a strong rumor that has surrounded them both, they already live in the same house, something that Carlos Rivera recently confirmed when approached by the media in his last return to Mexico City.

At the moment, the couple still do not have wedding plans but their fans do not lose hope that this news will be known at any time.

It was at the Mexico City International Airport where the “boyfriend of Rodríguez Ruiz”, interpreter of songs like “Other lives”, “What is ours to stay with us”, “How to pay you?”, Etc., was approached by the same press who questioned him about his next plans with the “former academic”.

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The Mexican artist stated that “he was not yet ready to take this step” although he also shared that their relationship “is going from strength to strength”. This responded:

It is not necessary, but if necessary I will make you happy. We will see, but for now we are happy “, said the interpreter of” I was expecting you “, in the same way he ended up confirming what was already an open secret, that for a long time already lives in free union with the Cohauilense who last May turned 38 years old.

The special moment in which the “model” and “television actress” turned 38 years old, and was very pampered not only by her family but also by the Mexican, who would dedicate a beautiful message in a photograph that the presenter shared in her Instagram stories.

Happy birthday beautiful! Blessed is this day that the best person I know was born. Everything I can tell you is already written in my songs … You are the best gift of my life was read in the image that the charismatic television collaborator shared on her Instagram stories.

On the other hand, the refusal on the part of the couple to give in to the pressure has also led to some rumors about the veracity of the sentimental bond that unites them, even emerging rumors that indicate other orientations on the part of the Mexican composer.

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For her part, the “Mexican yooutuber” has spoken in favor of their relationship, which she underlines, “social pressure” does not torture them, their courtship will end at the altar when it should be, he said.

Things should never be forced, everything takes a while. We are happier than ever and that is the most important thing ”said the presenter after presenting the note on the morning of TV Azteca.

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