Last week, the Tecate raffles announced their # MusEntreBrothers free online concert series and it was a resounding success! The first lineup of this online initiative was made up of Reik, Sabino, Siddartha Y Service. From Friday, starting at 8pm, Reik was in charge of getting us up from the couch, for throughout the weekend, to start at 8 o’clock at night every day that the rest of the bands did it. same.

Siddartha in Music Between Brothers / Photo: Courtesy.

Siddartha in Music Between Brothers / Photo: Courtesy.

And this week there is more!

Those of Tecate continue raffling like the greats. This week, we are invited to join the roomies, the family, the puppy, do not get up from the couch and enjoy more live music, at a distance from your Facebook.

Service in Tecate Music Between Brothers / Photo: Courtesy.

Who follows?

Now the party is armed! Starting at 8pm the concert with the whole family is going to be put together from the armchair, and again they threw the house out the window with some luxurious guests.

We start the Friday, April 3 with the lord Carlos Rivera; he saturday 4 it’s up to you to let go of your chongo with Ghetto kids and finally the sunday 5 at 20:00 it plays quiet evening with Caztro. You can experience all these concerts from your home, on the official Tecate Facebook page.