Carlos Ponce is ready to lead the Miss Universe, but he does not forget the woman of his heart, Karina Banda

This 2021, Carlos Ponce will lead the new edition of “Miss Universe” together with Jacqueline Bracamontes which will air on Telemundo this Sunday. The driver is an expert in this type of beauty pageant and has countless memories, but there is one in particular along with former President Donald Trump (when he was still directing the contest), that the Puerto Rican actor does not forget.

“I remember when I had to do it in English with Nancy Odell, that he (Donald Trump), I imagine that in his business it was convenient for him to go to Japan next year, and he was sitting behind the jurors yelling ‘Japan! , Japan, Japan! ‘, Trying to put pressure. That year (2006) won Zuleyka (Rivera), (the ‘Miss Universe’) in Puerto Rico, and we were all excited because those of us who were there saw an obvious, what is it called? ‘Little Hammer’ behind the judges“.

The actor and soap opera star also spoke and revealed what the best thing for him about being married to Karina Banda and about this he said “The best thing is to find the perfect partner. In my case, I am very complemented, very complete, very happy. We are a team, we are friends, and we are a couple and everything is good for us, so… I can tell you that everything is good, (laughs). I’m trying to think what is the best, but for me, everything is good ”.

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