In the image, the former Argentine president Carlos Menem (1989-1999), and his daughter Zulemita Menem (d). . / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / Archive
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Buenos Aires, Jun 15 . .- Zulemita Menem, daughter of former Argentine President Carlos Menem (1989-1999), asked this Monday that they pray for her father, who since last Saturday has been admitted to a private clinic in Buenos Aires for a pneumonia box.
« I know that prayer comes. I ask everyone to please pray for my dad, » Zulemita Menem requested through her Twitter profile, where she also published a photo where she is seen with her father.
Menem, 89, was admitted on Saturday night in the intensive care unit of the Argentine Institute of Diagnosis, in the Argentine capital.
The former head of state arrived at the clinic after presenting a dry cough and some shortness of breath, and the analyzes and tests he underwent confirmed a picture of pneumonia in his right lung, so he began receiving antibiotic treatment.
« He was given antibiotics and he has improved very well so far, » Luis de la Fuente, Menem’s doctor and director of the Cardiology area at the Argentine Institute of Diagnosis, said Monday.
De la Fuente assured that the Peronist leader « had a very good night » and can speak.
The current senator from his native province of La Rioja was also subjected to tests by COVID-19, which so far have been negative.
In statements to the TN channel, De la Fuente indicated that these tests to detect the new coronavirus will continue to be carried out on the former president to confirm that he has not contracted the disease.
The doctor recalled that Menem has diabetes and has had cardiological problems in the past, so it must be controlled.
« I would like to do a more exhaustive study of the heart part because diabetes does not warn and sometimes heart problems appear suddenly, » said the doctor.
De la Fuente said that Menem was complying at his home in the capital neighborhood of Palermo with the mandatory isolation that has been in force since March 20 in Argentina by COVID-19.