New chapter in the soap opera between Carlos Herrera and Belén Esteban. The broadcaster of Cadena Cope connected live this Friday with ‘Ya es mediodía’ to reaffirm his intention to sign the « princess of the people » for his program « Herrera in CopeAs if that were not enough, he took the opportunity to expand the offer to Jorge Javier Vázquez, the other protagonist of the famous discussion that took place in ‘Saturday deluxe’.

Carlos Herrera analyzes the signing of Belén Esteban in ‘Ya es mediodía’

Sonsoles Ónega wanted to know if the intention was firm. Herrera could not be more clear. « One of my aspirations is to work with the best, with people who have the ability to put their finger in people’s hearts. Belén is one of those people and I would like to have her to measure the temperature of things on the street« he acknowledged.

All in all, the announcer understands that he must « respect the usual procedures » of the media, starting with what those responsible for « Save me » say, a program in which Esteban has participated for years. « Then it is necessary that she wants and that the circumstances occur« Herrera reaffirmed before launching another praise: » For us it would be a great encouragement, because the people who contact people are always important in communication buildings. « 

The « Herrera en Cope » team appeared behind the journalist to launch a loud and clear message: « Come on, Belén, come on!« , proclaimed a dozen workers at the doors of a restaurant, where they were about to celebrate a company lunch. » We could not say more clearly, « Herrera said before the laughter of Ónega and the rest of the collaborators on set . « Bethlehem is watching us and I think she would be excited, » said the presenter.

Last Thursday, Herrera admitted that he had not yet spoken to Belén directly, but was waiting to do so « through the regulatory channel. » One day before, Belén made it clear that she does not have an exclusive contract with Mediaset Spain, but with the production company La Fábrica de la Tele. « Whenever you want, you can take me to your program because speaking, I know how to speak still, » he dropped into ‘Save me.’

« It always fits »

Before dismissing the video call, Javier Negre wanted to convey a question to the Andalusian announcer. « Would you make an offer to Jorge Javier or does he not fit? » « Sure, it always fits in everything. He is a great journalist and a great friend, he with me what he wants and when he wants « , assured Herrera after throwing a taunt at the tertullian: » Let someone pass behind me, « he slipped jokingly, remembering Negre’s famous interview with Alfonso Merlos, in which Alexia Rivas appeared walking naked in the background.