Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon reveal the sex of their first baby

A week ago, Carlos Calderón surprised everyone with the announcement that he will become a father for the first time with his partner, Vanessa Lyon, who is already 8 months pregnant. This Saturday, July 24, both held an intimate meeting to reveal the sex of their baby through a baby shower at an exclusive hotel in Miami, Florida. HI THERE! USES He exclusively accompanied the television host and his girlfriend to celebrate this moment with their friends and family. As we will remember, the charismatic presenter revealed on Despierta América (Univision) that he would be in charge of changing diapers very soon.

Soon, Carlos and Vanessa will become parents of a little boy! They let it be known by lighting a smoke flare, which he painted blue. But before revealing the mystery of the little boy’s gender, Carlos and Vanessa opened a big box of balloons, from which everyone thought they would come out blue or red … but none of that, they had their guests in total suspense! It wasn’t until after they lit the flare that they found out that Vanessa was expecting a child.

The decoration was incredible and for this they decided to decorate the place with motifs of pastel colors in blue and pink, and curiously, as playing a little with the surname of the future mother (Lyon, which is written like this ‘lion’, means lion) cute little lions in blue and pink. Another detail that did not go unnoticed was the delicious multi-tiered cake decorated with pastel fondant with two little lions in blue and pink and a baby figurine on top.

In the recording, you can appreciate the precise moment of happiness that the two felt, while the guests shouted before the revelation for their anticipated enthusiasm for the sex of the future member of the Calderón-Lyon family.

In the images it is possible to see that Vanessa’s pregnancy belly is very obvious, since for the occasion she chose a long-sleeved dress with a round neckline with a floral print. In addition to that, she opted for low sandals with blue bows, a nod to the baby’s gender. While the future dad wore a shirt with a little more delicate floral motifs and lavender pants.

Among the guests at the event were, of course, their loved ones, and Carlos’ colleagues at Univision, such as Cristy Bernal, Alan Tacher’s wife, Carlos Ponce, Karina Banda, Lourdes Stephen, Maity Interiano, Tony Dandrades with his wife Amy. Rose, Danella Urbay and her husband, Roberto Hernández. The atmosphere was in charge of DJ Mauricio Parra.

How did you hear the news?

During the broadcast of the morning in which he is co-presenter, Carlos pointed out that it was on New Years when Vanessa told him that she had a delay: “I ran to the pharmacy and bought a test bag and they all tested positive, and positive” Calderón explained.

Four months later, Calderón decided to kneel before his beloved to give her the engagement ring and ask the model to marry him. The arrival of her prince is expected in September.

It was during the first days of May, when Carlitos shared that he had asked Vanessa Lyon’s hand on a creative night that involved a helicopter. Last January, the Mexican presenter had made their one-year courtship public, the engagement would have occurred a month later, although he kept it private for quite some time.

“We were already urging Gennaro to be born because we couldn’t break the news. We did not want to take that role away from my dear Francisca ”, said the Mexican in reference to respecting the special moment of his colleague, Francisa Lachapel, who recently became a mother.

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