Comedian Carlos Ballarta announced on his social networks that he tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The standup revealed through a video that for several days he had strong symptoms of the disease that keeps the entire planet in quarantine, so he decided to consult a doctor and find out what was happening.

With the classic glasses that characterize him, Ballarta is seen taking a serum, and confessed to having had, since last Sunday, a severe diarrhea with high temperatures and a severe headache.

He stayed like this for two days, until he decided to call a doctor, through an application, and told her his symptoms, it was then that she recommended some medications, to hydrate a lot, but asked him to take the COVID exam -19.

“They gave me the test yesterday (Tuesday), a laboratory that was very professional, they came home, that is, they go straight to your house, they put on their equipment to avoid infections, they put on their face masks, their masks, their suit and they took me the test with an isopo that they put through your nose, it feels like seeing …, and they told me that the results had them in a few days, but they sent them to me this morning. Today in the morning I woke up, unfortunately with the news that I am infected with COVID, “he lamented.

Before finishing the video, Ballarta revealed that he had to leave his quarantine due to his work and it was where he believes he got it.

That is why he asked his followers to take very seriously this situation that the whole world is experiencing since anyone can get infected and he also recommended not to leave home.

“I had to go out to work, I had to go out and do work things in order to bring money to my family,” he said.

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