Carlos Arroyo for twenty years it has been the basketball heart of Puerto Rico. The national team from which Carmelo Anthony (born in New York, descendant of Puerto Rican relatives) went to become one of the regenerators of USA Basketball, being the most outstanding at the FIBA ​​concert with his three Olympic golds in 2008, 2012 and 2016, It is the one that Arroyo has supported with more or less success. In 2004, at the Athens Games, when the United States was falling the lowest, Arroyo’s Puerto Rico gave the lace to a team in which Melo was beginning to appear. It was always the net, but when he tried to let go he got nowhere. And it is that this base born in Fajardo tried it in the NBA and all the expectation that he had to handle only came badly.

Of undoubted quality, it mattered little that he was not chosen in the 2001 Draft. He also reached the League. After tanning in the LNB, his country’s league, Cariduros and Cangrejeros, the Raptors, always thinking of international talent, offered him a contract. That year was crazy for him, as he would end up in another team, Denver Nuggets, and then going to Spain to play in Vitoria. But that wobble brought him a lot of visibility and in 2002 the Jazz put the magnifying glass to work and saw an electric player, strong and very imaginative who could be dominant despite measuring 1.88 meters. And the situation was peculiar: they were the last queues of the team that fought the titles of 1997 and 1998 to Michael Jordan and the benefits had dropped a lot despite the help of players like Matt Harpring or Andréi Kirilenko, so a renewal was sought and Carlos Arroyo was not the only one who was part of the renovation. Chosen in 2001 was a Spaniard, Raül López, who was injured twice in the right knee before debuting and once in the left when he was beginning to excel. Arroyo was the substitute that had been raised to fill the position of John Stockton when he retired, but he finished as a starter before the intermittency of a Raül who could never succeed because his legs did not let him. The legacy weighed heavily and there has never been a Stockton in Utah again. Arroyo was not the right profile and he left in 2006, heading to Detroit and later to Orlando. He tried in Israel and not only with basketball …

Dani Aznar (DIARIO AS)

Parallel to his action with the orange ball, Arroyo liked to produce and edit music. Nothing that has not been seen already, especially in the NBA, but in his case his tracks would reach a certain level of success. Returning to the NBA from the big-three of 2010, to a match between Miami and Boston that first year of LeBron James in South Beach, Arroyo continued doing little things. “In Israel he did very badly and the producer was very pissed off,” he admits in an interview on the Bleacher Report about his musical career. He discarded it when he returned to Europe, first in two stages in Turkey and then in the last year of Xavi Pascual in charge of Barça, and when he settled in Miami he began to contact many more people from the reggaeton environment, the style in the one who has focused, and a new path was opened. At that time until he ended up retiring from basketball, the money from basketball was not so much and he preferred to delve into what would allow him to find that new path.

Luis Fonsi, the singer of the famous Despacito, is his neighbor and assures that “he takes music very seriously”. And success has come thanks to a new song with the also popular Zion & Lennox named Baila Reggaeton. Arroyo signed for an admirer’s record label for his game and released this song, with millions of views on YouTube. This is how the reinvention of one day in Puerto Rico was written by basketball and now it is by music.