Carlos Alcaraz achieves a spectacular victory in Umag

Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image Keep breaking down barriers at spectacular speed. The ATP Umag 2021 He witnessed one of the best performances of the Murcian professional career after beating Filip Krajinovic in a real game (7-6 (3), 2-6, 6-1). Not only is it a consecrating victory at the tennis level, since the first and third sets are indicators that the Spanish ceiling is very high; it is especially to mental level, for his composure and ability to change the chip after being widely outclassed in the second set. The tennis player from El Palmar stands in his second semi-final at the ATP level, where he is already waiting Albert Ramos, And it shows that he will not miss a single opportunity to continue progressing on the circuit.

The battle was even and intense under the night on the Croatian coast. For Alcaraz, a priori, today’s duel could make a difference and serve as a step forward in an already exuberant progression. It was the Murcian who began the duel showing his best version, signing 100% of points won with the first serve in his first three games in service and obtaining a break that would give him a fast 4-1.

It didn’t take long for the movie to change as Krajinovic began to get into the game, finding the weak points when second serve from Murcia. The duel turned into a fierce fight for the baseline while the Serbian tried to anticipate Carlos’s attacks, with a greater offensive predisposition than his opponent. However, Filip was much more definitive on the important points: all 30-30 and break balls, whether against or for, began to fall in his favor.

His tranquility and his consistency to force Carlos’s mistakes became his best ally to extend the duration of the first set, especially when the Murcian served to win it with 5-4 and received a tear … blank. The occasional bad decision, especially when using the left-overs, made life more difficult for the Spaniard, who faced sudden death with a previous balance in 2021 of 2-6 against. Who’d say.

And yes, who would say. The Spanish activated its best version and became a veritable rocket fired by Umag Central, launching real bombs from both sides of the track. With a deadly forehand, Carlos didn’t leave a short ball to attack. Thus he raised the stands, raised his fist in the air and was left with a very fought set, which perhaps took too long to close but in which he left several demonstrations of scary potential.

A second set with a very different movie

Krajinovic’s 3-0 start indicated that the second set would be very different from the previous one. The risk tennis of Alcaraz, constantly seeking to finish the points in the continuation stroke after his serve, greatly lowered its effectiveness: he continued to execute it with the same faith, but Filip increased his repertoire of answers and the Murcian was not knowing what to do. The Serbian was more aggressive in his service games and did not let Carlos take control of the baseline, which in turn allowed him to be cooler in his games to the rest.

The game was inevitably heading to the third set. The solidity of Krajinovic, who barely conceded any errors and who, therefore, signed a spectacular 100% of points won with the second serve, was too much for Alcaraz, who no longer got the parallel blows with the frequency with which he did. got in the first set. It was time to regroup mentally and readjust the tactics for the third set, and after a short break to go to service the swords were back on top.

Third set: Hurricane Alcaraz

The first game of the deciding set was quite a declaration of intent. Alcaraz came out absolutely spurred, renewed, convinced of what he had to do to win: redouble his bet and recover the blow that would unlock everything: the reverse parallel. With it he managed to stretch Krajinovic and force him to hit in a defensive position, usually a cross ball for which the Murcian was outlined and attacked with his right. Thus changed the course of the exchanges and broke up to start the last round.

It was not the flower of a game. In the next, a new backhand parallel directly to the square. Not only that: the conviction by flag that taking the course of the baseline would give him the game. Carlos sprinted to a 4 game lead to 0, a double break based on a controlled aggressiveness that, as he told us in our talk with him yesterday, is the path he tries to take against any opponent. He delayed his position to the rest to better counter Krajinovic’s serves, hitting a high ball to start the point and waiting for the Serbian’s first short ball to attack again.

The end of the duel ended up being a concatenation of winners from Murcia against a tired Krajinovic. Shaking it from corner to corner like the bloodiest fighter in the ring, Alcaraz ended up squeezing all the juice out of the Serbian machine, which fell totally knocked out and gave up his last serve to give Carlos a victory of merit (7-6 (3), 2-6, 6-1). It is the second semifinal at ATP level for the Murcian, who, in addition to reaping a new victory against a top-35, is placed with these semifinals in the Rank # 65 of the ranking. A meteoric evolution for a guy whose ceiling seems to have no limits. Tomorrow, more in the semifinals against Albert Ramos.

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