Carlo Padial prepares ‘Doctor Portuondo’, the first original Filmin series

Anyone who has dared to venture into the most alternative corners of Spanish cinema will have come across Carlo Padial on more than one occasion, and has probably done so while browsing the Filmin catalog. Therefore, that the first original series of the streaming platform is going to be a creation of the Barcelona filmmaker is a very coherent movement, which will allow both parties to explore new territory based on already known material.

‘Doctor Portuondo’, first Filmin Original series

The project will take the title of the novel « Doctor Portuondo », signed by Padial himself and published by Blackie Books in 2017. Thus, ‘Late Motiv’ collaborator brings back one of his most memorable characters in this six-part, half-hour series, which begins filming in Barcelona on March 8. « We all need therapy. We are ignorant of ourselves, as Portuondo said. So we should all go to the couch. This series is a unique opportunity to do it for a while, even as spectators, through a fiction that helps us understand ourselves and the people we meet, always from the humor « , says Padial.

In that mixture of humor and emotional depth, the protagonists of the fiction join: Dr. Portuondo, a very unorthodox Cuban psychoanalyst, and one of his patients, who has an autobiographical link with Padial. The first will be played by Jorge Perugorría (« Strawberry and chocolate »), while Nacho Sánchez will lie on the couch (‘Seventeen’).

A new age

This project will not only expand Padial’s filmography, which in recent years had stood out with « Algo muy gordo », but will also mean a turning point for Filmin. « The beginning of the production of our first series reaffirms Filmin’s desire to constantly evolve offering the audience a differentiated and complete offer. The first day of filming ‘Doctor Portuondo’ marks a new milestone for Filmin, reaching the age of majority as a platform, « says Juan Carlos Tous, founder and CEO of the digital service.

In this way, the Filmin Original label was born, which will accompany the platform’s own productions. ‘Doctor Portuondo’, which is being developed in collaboration with La Chica de la Curva, will be the first to carry that banner when it debuts in October of this same year.