Carlisle signs with Indiana, advises Mavs to sign Kidd

Rick carlisle abandoned the ship of Dallas Mavericks, but in his farewell he hinted that he wanted to continue training. No sooner said than done. He has barely been a week without equipment. He has just signed a four-season contract with Indiana Pacers in exchange for the Indiana Pacers. He returns home, where he was Larry Bird’s assistant (1997-2000) and first coach (200-2007). He made it to the 2004 Conference Finals. He had been with the Mavs since 2008, won the ring with Dirk Nowitzki in 2011 and, having become the Mavericks’ most successful manager, now returns to a troubled Pacers, albeit with a roster that It should be exciting for the near future.

Depart from Dallas

Rick Carlisle, in statements to ESPN colleagues, did not want to give details of his departure from the Dallas Mavericks, although he did dare to advise on his ideal replacement:

“I don’t want to tell the circumstances of my goodbye to Dallas. I think it was just the best for everyone. I think the ideal coach to replace me is Jason Kidd because he and Luka have a lot in common as players. It would be perfect for Luka and I think it would be perfect for Jason as well. I am the only one on earth who has led both of them and I know what special qualities they have. So I think it would be a perfect match, but that is my opinion.

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