The Spanish tennis player Carla Suarez He gave an interview to Tennis Majors, where he talked about how he has lived in the house, his retirement plans and what tennis will be like when the ATP and WTA circuit decide that the time has come to return to tournaments. The grancanaria makes it clear again that in the event that we do not have more tennis in 2020, it could postpone its withdrawal a year later.

-The confinement carried out in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:

“Here in Las Palmas, the situation has been a bit better if we compassionate it with the rest of Spain. Being an island with restrictions on air travel, very few people could come here unless they had a major reason. After 40 days of confinement at home, we were able to get out of the first to do some hours of physical exercise in the streets. You feel relieved after being locked up for so long. Right now we are in phase two and we can see our families and friends in groups of no more than ten people and you can already feel the change and that things are better. Anyway, we have to follow the recommendations that the Ministry of Health gives us. “

-Return to the tennis courts:

“When I was confined at home I did a lot of physical exercise. A gym lent me a bicycle and I was able to do some spinning sessions at home. Since May 11, you could already play here on a tennis court, so I started training gently three days a week. Little by little I am increasing the intensity of the training sessions to find myself better physically when tennis decides to return to normal. “

-What will be the tennis level of the best players when tennis returns?

“I think we still have a lot of time to get in good shape. If tennis decides to resume, we will have had a fairly long preseason and I think we will all be at a great level. We are talking about the case in which tennis resumes in 2020, something which honestly I see very complicated today “.

-Possibility that your retirement be extended for one more year:

“The decision to retire was very personal and thoughtful. When I look back, I am proud of the race I have had. I have enjoyed every tournament and every moment that I have lived on the circuit. I have spent many years on the circuit and simply I want to experience different things in life. I would be lying to you if I told you that it will be very difficult to separate from tennis. Considering that many tournaments have been suspended and the season does not look very good, perhaps I planned to retire a little later. Now the most important thing it is the coronavirus and the health of the whole world. Tennis is secondary and in the coming months I will decide what to do with my withdrawal. “

– Aspects that will change in tennis when it returns to normal:

“The tennis we knew before will not return until we have a vaccine. It is difficult to know what aspects will or will not change in our sport. We travel around the world for eleven months and at the moment it is impossible to travel, since in some countries you they require spending two weeks in quarantine. In general terms, the handshakes with the other tennis player, the referees, the ball boys, the subject of towels, … This will all be new. We will have to follow the advice of the experts. “