Carla Morrison and NASA team up on Perseverance landing on Mars

Carla Morrison She is one of the most popular Mexican artists in recent years. The voice of the singer has allowed her to build a great career with several record labels, important awards such as the Latin Grammy and huge collaborations with Juan Gabriel, Los Ángeles Azules, Ximena Sariñana, Ricky Martin and more.

Now, she’s ready to add a new collaboration to her hit list… but it won’t be alongside another music colleague. On this occasion, the one born in Baja California will join NASA for the transmission of the landing on Mars of the Perseverance.

Carla Morrison. Photo: .

Carla Morrison joins NASA for a mission to Mars

In a few days, NASA will carry out this landing mission on the so-called ‘red planet’ and it will do so with a Mexican presence in the countdown. Carla Morrison will be participating in the live broadcast of this incredible event for the space agency.

Through a video posted on her social networks, the singer made her inclusion known. “I am super excited because this February 18 the rover will be landing NASA Perseverance. Vto do the first time that it will be in Spanish and NASA invited me to collaborate with them for this and hopefully they can accompany me in this countdown, “said the singer in the clip.

And the emotion apparently is not only from the Mexican. The official account of Perseverance replied the publication of the interpreter of “Up To The Skin” enthusiastically saying that “Listening to this is like music to my microphones … I hope to give them a good show”. Will we see Carlita playing a song? Will have to see. Below are the details of the event.


The Perseverance landing broadcast

It will be this Thursday, February 18 when NASA Coordinate Perseverance Rover Vehicle Landing on Mars. The device was launched into space on July 30, 2020 and its arrival on the fourth planet of the Solar System will be the stage for the space agency broadcast for the first time in Spanish.

In a statement on its official website, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration pointed out that the decision to broadcast the landing in our language is due to the fact that they want to highlight the work of the Hispanic staff in the project. “I am very proud of NASA’s efforts to better share the excitement of the Perseverance rover landing with the almost 500 million Spanish speakers in the world“, He said Bhayva Lal, Acting Chief of Staff of NASA.

Rover Perseverance (illustrative image). Photo: NASA

The broadcast of the event has been promoted under the name -with everything and hashtag- of #JuntosPerseveramos and will be presented by Diana Trujillo, one of the engineers who worked on the rover mission. She will explain each of the landing phases in detail.

Perseverance will reach Mars with the goal of look for signs of microbial life from the past, collect rock and sediment samples to send to Earth, classify the geology and climate of the planet, among other things with which it is intended to smooth future human explorations.

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