“Carla (German Magnani) is my partner, my angel”, says Toño Mauri

At the express question of this medium, Mauri accepted that it was his wife, with whom he will celebrate 29 years of marriage on February 22, one of the engines that helped him overcome critical moments such as four months in a coma and a severe infection in the blood. Trial after trial, Carla and her children were her reason for moving on.

“It was very important because a couple is the one who is there all the time, Carla, my wife, was the one who undertook the task of looking for everything I needed, to be with me at all times, until today, do whatever it takes to exhaust all possibilities. She is the one who takes care of me and is my partner.

“She is an angel; I am going to be married for 29 years on February 22, and every day I love her more because she is my complement, she is my strength. My children are everything because they suffered a lot and now I want that to become relief. and together to be able to help people, I really believe that this is my mission “, Mauri added.

Mauri Discharge

One of the most important moments for Toño Mauri was when the medical team dismissed him, after being discharged, with loud applause. (Jesse S. Jones / Jesse S. Jones University of Florida)

With four days at home, Toño has learned to value things that we all take for granted, such as being able to walk – right now he is in the process of doing it again – or simply breathing, and he does not hesitate to say that it was thanks to his family that was able to get out in front of this tunnel and now with all the attitude to return to 100 percent.

“They are all committed, my son-in-law too, and with that I stay, to be with them as much as possible, to wake up and give thanks for being able to hug and love them. The most important thing is the family, so do not lose it so that when the day is Finally, let us rest assured that until the last moment we said what we felt.

“Family is the most important thing there is. First God and then family are the perfect medicine,” added Mauri. The most important thing for the former member of Strawberries with Cream, his goal was to be able to see his family and be at home: “To return to the people you love is the goal, for everything I fought and I got the day I left of the hospital”.