In his novel entitled Le Temps Gagné, the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven looks back on the wounds of his childhood, raised by divorced parents.

“The slaps were plentiful. But they all sounded like a last resort.” In his book Le Temps Gagné, published by Le Philosophe Raphael Enthoven looks back on this childhood tinged with violence. The life of the clan Enthoven will be turned upside down by the parents’ divorce, Jean-Paul Enthoven and the journalist Catherine David. Raphael Enthoven tells how, in his home, his mother’s new partner treats him harshly. In an article in L’Express magazine, which told the ex Carla Bruni, the man describes his father-in-law as “a perfect film villain”, who “slaps him heavily and will push the teenager to his first Camusian revolt”.

Raphael Enthoven confides with an open heart. “I was just a child betrayed by adults and that (for reasons that escape him and belong only to him) his stepfather had chosen to raise as he himself had been, probably. that is, in brutality. “

Indelible wounds

Blows will rain, for various reasons. To the extent that Raphael Enthoven says he sometimes had “the head spinning”. “When, for a badly finished plate, a request without please or a piece of cheese he had to pay for and I couldn’t finish, his big hands fell on my little cheeks in front of my mother laughing in embarrassment, it was not uncommon for her fingers to enter my ear a little and to the burn was added a diffuse hissing, can we read. One long beep, or head spinning. “

What to exasperate his mother Catherine David, who sighed: “Really, we can’t take it anymore!” Slapping becomes a habit in the childhood of Raphael Enthoven. “Customary, not fatal”, however, he wishes to qualify, before turning the page of this bad book.

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2/9 – Raphael Enthoven poses at the 35th edition of the Paris Book Fair on March 22, 2015.

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3/9 – Raphael ENTHOVEN – ALWAYS CHARLIE day of tributes, debates, round table and concert at the Folies Bergeres – January 6, 2018 – Paris – France

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5/9 – French authors Jean-Paul (L) and Raphael Enthoven answer to journalists on November 6, 2013 in Paris, after being awarded by the Femina literary prize for the essay “Dictionary of Proust’s love”

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