If it is too late to hope to be the beach book of the French, The time gained (Éditions de l’Observatoire) could well be the book of the new school year, while it will be on sale on August 19, 2020. Its author, Raphaël Enthoven, took pleasure in mixing genres between fiction and reality. The 44-year-old philosopher summons the characters from his life there, including a certain Béatrice.

This August 13, L’Express unveils the good sheets of this novel which will make people talk. A character attracts attention, that of Beatrice. Everything suggests that behind this woman, yet presented as a former tennis champion, hides her former companion Carla Bruni. “Beatrice is the soul mate of the narrator. When they meet, the first is retired and the other is finishing his studies. They are wanderers who walk on a wire, with the abyss below, but who They have in common that they refuse to compromise. There is between the two characters a communion of fear and a refusal to lie to each other which unites them and determines them to seek their way together “, we can read.

And Raphaël Enthoven, who shared the life of Carla Bruni (52 years) for seven years and with whom he had a son, Aurélien (19 years), to add: “Béatrice was faithful to herself, unchanging and sublime (…) Beatrice in the middle of these monkeys, it was Candy among the living dead. She alone moved there without a mask, like inspecting a site without a helmet. “

Between Carla Bruni and Raphaël Enthoven the heart story had been complicated to live at the beginning. It must be said that the former first lady and singer had fallen in love with the son of her then companion … Jean-Paul Enthoven, Raphael’s father! As for the philosopher, he was at the time married to Justine Lévy, the daughter of Bernard-Henri Lévy. Their divorce had given rise to a vengeful book from her …